How many trips to the electrical store does it take to change a light bulb?

Two.. sigh..

One of the two bulbs in the indoor kitchen needed to be changed. So i removed the bulb ( takes only ONE girl to do it..), and gave it to Grandma so that she could show the electrical shop the bulb-we forgot the model. Anyway, she came back with a different brand (Osrom instead of Philips) and a different color. I actually kinda liked the orangey color, but granma wanted white so that it would be bright..

So she actually went back to Home Fix at 1 U (even had to cross the toll, pay parking at the mall) to change.. Sigh.. another trip wasted. I prefer the Philips brand cos no matter which way the bulb is inserted, it works. Osrom-you’ll have to make sure the points are right. And grandma bought FOUR! To Grandma, you can never have enough spares..

I actually wanted to join them at 1 U, but granma couldn’t wait for me to workout-she’s very “kan-cheong”-excited/anxious with this kinda things. I told her we could just go tomorrow, she said she wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight! o.o

I didn’t follow and had some Tesco Light Choices Mini Raspberry Bar Tarts.

barbitesI bought this quite a while back from Tesco but never got around eating it. Always thought it was too much for my workout though it’s only 90cals. I love that they portioned it out, so i know not to overload. They’re quite nice, tartness in the filling. Generous with the filling too. I don’t really light tarts which are just full of pastry. You don’t get much for 90 cals though.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Also had some trail mix-i really go out of control when i don’t portion them! I need to start again. The small bottle i use for my portions is being used for the extra nuts i roasted which couldn’t fit in the stash jar! I know, lame excuse. I could’ve easily just used another jar.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ate a prune too.

Ran the usual, did weights and sit ups.. I think i’m not used to running in the evening. Though i run the same amount, i feel that i’ve gotten used to mornings, and when it’s done in the mornings, it’s off my to-do lists..

Are you a morning/afternoon/night runner?

Oh, and i did up my speed for my third interval to 9.4km/h.

So now it’s:

  • 7 mins at 8.8 km/h on incline
  • 7mins at 9.0 km/h on incline
  • 7mins at 9.4 km/h no incline

I’m still working on upping my speeds for the incline! ๐Ÿ™‚

After bathing, i got to fixing the bulb, which got me sweating-wasted my shower..

I had attempt No.2 at kale chips!

Still used curly endives-cos that’s what i had and kale (Western) is not available in Msia, but i sprayed the leaves more evenly, and placed it on a baking sheet..

kaleBelieve me, this was much more when it was raw. It really shrinks, so i guess i’ll use more next time. The stems were soggy, but the leaves were crispy, but too light-i’m not sure if it’s supposed to be that way.. but it’s quite addictive.. will lessen the salt the next time around cos i definitely salted it too much.. I didn’t add any spices, just S&P and a 185 * C ish oven.

Kath suggested i try harder veges, like collards/ chinese Kale.. Will try them when i’m done with the curly endives..

Had my Kashi TLC Honey Toasted 7 grains crunchy granola bar for part dinner.


nuked it as usual..

Popped some nuts into my mouth too (i have to PORTION it) and a prune too. wanted to have a plum, but after my last few tries, i’m letting it get REALLY ripe before eating them..

Had a treat tonight!

icecreamStarbucks Coffee Ice Cream! New item for us Malaysians, available at Cold Storage.. Thanks for importing them, Cold Storage! A good alternative when i crave for Starbucks coffee and ice-cream at the same time. It’s a tad on the sweet side though.

AFA was super boorringg today! After lunch, we had more of it cos they’re packing it extra AFA classes cos it stops earlier.. So on Thursdays, AFA runs from 11-12.30 pm and 1-3.30 pm! And today was boring cos of all the history and Legislation what not.. And i’ll have to read them later!!!

I also found out that there’s Mid Term Test for BPC-but i hope it’s not assessed..

Okay.. i gots ta leave ya for tonight! I’m going to watch my all-time fav Chef at Home, Michael Smith on Asian Food Channel!

Ta! Good night!



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