Am posting from college now. cos i feel that when i get home, posting 3 in 1 is not good..makes everything so long.. 🙂

I’ve like a super short break today.. 1/2hour only.. brought barnana to eat!


Hehe.. get it? i should stop doing this right.. combination of words i mean! lol..

Didn’t want to bring my Kashi cos i didn’t have a microwave to nuke it. So i’m considerably still hungry after ating this, but i guess i’ll go home to grab a bite before working out-yes i did not work out this morning!

I can’t believe it! i didn’t hear my alarm, neither did i remember switching it off or something. Must be the new Samsung giving me a headache-i’m still not used to it.. 😦 but i promise i did check that the alarm was on! I woke up at 6.41 am.. and was kinda shocked.. i had no time to run so i slept back and woke up at 7.10am..

Showered and stuff.. then i realised i forgot to complete some of the to-do list items last night! 😦 Like my timetable..

Had a bowl of cereal today!


I didn’t mix today.. wanted to see how a pure bowl of All-Bran would last me. Topped with some flax seed and almonds/cashews-i toasted fresh ones last night! Yay..

The flax kinda sank to the bottom of the milk, so i didn’t consume it with my was in my coffee


Which i made with the leftover milk.. The allbran is nice to eat cos it’s so tiny, that 3/4 cup gives  you alot to bite! So i t took me quite a while to finish it..

Also had the tiniest naner ever!


Believe it or not, they were green yesterday.. today, they’re ripe and yellow.. boo for unripe naner lovers like me!

Also added a couple more nuts.. which i didn’t photograph! Sowee!

I guess i will fit my run after classes. So far..classes are kinda boring.. BPC was an intro.. and i think the lecturer assumes we know alot-the questions she gave-some she didn’t even mention in her lecture

AFA was boorriingg..not the lecturer’s fault though. the topic was like history of accounting!!

Sigh.. Ok..i’ve gots  ta go now! Ta


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