Light lunch means heavy snack

I’m sorry this post is gonna be a combination of breakkie and lunch.. am kinda tired now..

Woke up at 5 ish today.. sent dear off to work.. and had me 3 Gullon whole wheat biscuits. Now i figured what it reminded me of… Marie biscuits!

Actually went back for 15 minutes of nap! Was pretty sleepy-and still am..

Ran the usual, but did weights plus sit ups. I really need to improve on my sit ups. It’s bad!Stamina, where are you?

Had the same Special K Youghurty bar as yesterday morning..

barThis time, i managed and remembered a shot on the right sight of the bar… I realised that the description of this bar is not too “healthy”.. everything seems to be “flavoured” as opposed to au naturel.

I can never miss my lovely coffee..

coffeeAnd the pig.. Also had a plum…i REALLY don’t like them!

plumThough they’re slightly soft.. they’re not sweet AT ALL! They’re sour! Never will i buy China plums/plums from Tesco again..

But i still have to finish them.. 😦

Left for college about the same time i normally leave for work (during my internship). Found out that Year 3 Sem 1 begins early Feb-so i can’t apply for the internships! 😦

The subjects for my Sem are the subjects i SHOULD have taken in my Year 2 1st sem, but due to reverse semester, i’ll be taking them in my year two sem2 (this sem..).. So means subjects i’m taking are:

  • International Business
  • Advance Financial Accounting
  • Budgeting, Planning and Control.

The HOD gave us a briefing..i won’t be in the same Tutorial as Pik San for IB.. 😦 But still same as Angeline! AFA lecturer is the same as my Financial Accounting lecturer last sem, while the BPC lecturer is new-i was hoping it would be the same as my last sem Management Accounting lecturer! He’s good. IB are also previous lecturers..

Classes started today! But due to introductory lessons, we were let off early.. 🙂

So i met for Gramps at 11 to go to the bank..

But Kayu, Aman Suria was out first stop..

I was supposed to be a good-dieting girl and have my Kashi bar for lunch, but i had a sudden craving for Roti Tisu (RM5)..

So since Gramma wasn’t planning to eat anything, i told her three of us could share a Roti Tisu-she can never pass it off..

I had a 3 Layer Teh C to drink (Tea).

3layerthe 3 layers consist of tea, evaporated milk, and at the bottom is palm sugar/ gula melaka. Yumm.. but slightly on the sweet side.. It’s fragrant due to the palm sugar.

Grampa had a Mutumayam (Pancake made of rice vercimelli) with dhal-i had the vege from the dhal!

The Roti Tisu took awhile cos their first attempt, it collapsed (Gramma witnessed it!).. But it was worth the wait for the second one~

roti tissueWe asked the waiter (our fav waiter, who was pushed back to drinks duty for abit, and now back to taking orders) to put more condensed milk and less oil.. He listened. It was not AS oily as the last time, but of course, not completely oil-less. it would be impossible for them i think.

I ate quite alot.. it was sweet, crispy.. and so yummy. I liked the parts which were still thick, but crispy!! I know the price is much more than the average Roti Canai, but this is too good to miss..

So skipping my Kashi bar was kind of a bad idea..after my second class (third class was tutorial, so since there were no lectures yet, it was cancelled), i was feeling shiverish. Could also be due to the heat!

Dropped by to look for Mat Tou Yau on the way back, they were there in the pink van! So i got some even though i was dying to go back cos it was just way too hot!

Went to the clinic to get a new dosage of my nasal spray.. and home i headed when i immediately ate my TRAIL MIX before i got my cam out.. also a prune and a couple of tater chips while waiting for my Mat Tou Yau to cool..

mtyYumm! With the usual ingredients.. I think i’m addicted to it yet again. I kinda lost my craving for it at one point cos of the price-RM3.50, but it came back, so i MUST have it whenever i spot it..

It’s been to snacky for me–so it shows you that it’s not good to have a light lunch, cos it’ll just make you snack more!

I don’t know where dinner’s for tonight, but i do hope i can resist the temptation cos i know my Kashi is waiting~

Get this, i was so sleepy while typing this, so much so i stopped half way and took a nap- till dear called.. He’s not coming tonight though! 😦

Ok.. i’ve got other stuff to do.. sorry for being late!


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