Kim Lum-KIP

I ate dinner practically almost right after my last post. Lol.. It was almost 6 and gramps wanted to almost eat dinner.. And i promised myself i would eat my kashi bar.. so i did!

barI decided to take a pic of the Kashi Bar-Honey Toasted 7 grains itself.. πŸ™‚ Nuked it for 10 seconds to make it easier on my teeth..

Ate some carrots…

carrots*Reenactment*. Forgot pic! Hehe. Decided to have some carrots and SS butter for some vege intake.

Also had a prune.. πŸ™‚

Also had my trail mix.. the rest of it, plus some from the big stash.

Then followed my gramps to Kim Lum Restaurant in Kepong Industrial Park..

Yinyiong serving RM6 was ordered..

yinyiongI ate the veges of the plate. And prawns and chicken meat. So you can say my dinner is quite balanced, protein-meat & prawns, carb- bar, vege-carrot & cabbage.

My granpa was pretty hungry, cos he had taken his insulin jab.. so he ordered another plate of Canton Mi hun..

I too had the prawns and veg. Overall, it was alright, but the chicken meat was blandish..

The lady boss was quite nice, not charging for chinese tea! πŸ™‚

Things to do:

  • type out timetable
  • highlighter & liquid paper
  • Prep files
  • Fold clothes

I got approved as Foodblogger.. πŸ™‚ Yay.. small achievement for me!

OK! ta for now! sorry for being short!


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