So sorry.. been busy cos uni has started, and i don’t bring my laptop to college, so it means i don’t have a chance to blog unless i get the time to go to the computer lab..

Anyway, last nights dinner was really simple, used what was found in the house.. i prepared it before dear came so we could get eating once he reached and leave for charasmatic prayers.

I made scrambled eggs..

eggThat’s 3 eggs there for me and dear.. First, “Caramelized” some onions.. it never get properly caramelised cos of my impatient-ness.. added some garlic.. was thinking about what herb i should use.. and i thought basil and garlic sounds good together.. so dried basil, S&P went in!

Scrambled eggs are the simplest cos they don’t have to look perfect. but too bad i had to wait awhile before eating it cos it was ready before dear arrived..

I opened a can of Tesco Light Choices Tuscan Bean soup.


I find it difficult to estimate the time it needs for nuking, mostly cos when it’s in a bowl, it tends to splatter after a minute-depending on the soup. So i had to stop it half way to stir (but got back to frying eggs-multitasking), and came back to it. Nevertheless, it was good!


i love this cos it’s healthy, the ingredients are quite pronouncable, and it’s chuncky. Normally, i expect house brand soups to be thinned out, and bland.. this is good!! I’ve tried it before, and recommend it! Yum!

Also had a piece of Extra Healthy bread

breadthe last one too.. while dear had some bario rice..

When finishing the meal, i remembered my Mat tou Yau!!

So i quickly got it out of the fridge and that was my dessert..:)

mty*Reenactment* cos i forgot to take a pic-was in a hurry. but fillings were the usual-sweet taters, palm fruit/atapci, red kidney beans, and lotus seeds! Yum.. but it wasn’t too sweet-me likey!

And a prune too..

Then, we headed for charasmatic.. Twas good, and solemn-Tuesdays are solemn cos the Divine Mercy is being prayed as compared to Fridays, when joyful hymns are sung instead.

Came back and dear was super tired.. so bed it was! And he’s not seeing me today-says he too tired.. 😦 That’s why i  don’t want him to OT..

Anyway, will go on to posting today’s eats!

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