Thai Cuisine-Thai Pan Delight

We had a Thai lunch today.. and i’m stuffed!

Met Akak Jean and Carol for lunch today. It’s still a public holiday cos of Raya..but not tomorrow-for which i go back to uni!! Boo!!

Parked the car at Akak Carol’s and off we went to Jalan Kuchai Lama-the shop is called Thai Pan Delight. I forgot to get the address, but i know it’s around the Nippy Noodle Restaurant we went on Sunday..

The shop does not look really high class, simple decor, but what delighted me was that there were lots of English mags-recent ones too!Me, Akak Jean and Gramma were reading women’s mags while waiting for the food to come..

We ordered ALOT!

First in line was a mango salad..-I’m sorry, i didn’t get the prices, but i know the total bill.


This mango salad, which is similar to Kerabu mangga, was good! much better than Santai’s as it is not to spicy, and not to sour. Balance of flavours. Ample peanuts, and lucky for me, Akak Jean doesn’t like peanuts! Lol.. No Cili Padi to make it too spicy, only red chillies, so just nice!

Next was Grampa’s Pineapple fried rice-once again, he made the wrong call..

pineapple fried riceI had some..i guess it is not full of flavour as Grampa says. He prefers Pattaya fried rice, which is not available. I had a few spoonfuls of rice, the prawns and chicken. I have to say though, sufficient prawns! I also ate all the pickled vegetables! yum! Akak Jean liked the hardiness of the rice..

Granma’s Fried Kuey Teow (Fried Flat noodles) in Thai style was next..

fried kuey teowWith alot of “wok hei” / burnt flavour [essential in fried kuey teow], this was good, though it was different than the Penang style. I had a spoon or two of the noodles, most of the vege, and prawns! I had my good serving of prawns for the day! šŸ˜‰

i kinda forgot in which order the next few came, i was too busy eating!

We also ordered two pieces of Kembung (Chinese Mackerel) fish..

kembungWith a spicy sour sauce which was appetising, it kept us wanting for more. I didn’t have much fish-but i did attack the crispy head when everyone was done with it. The fish was on a bed of four angled beans, red peppers, and onions.. The sauce was good, so much so when Grampa ditched his fried rice (Akaks & me helped him out with it), he got a bowl of rice to eat with the sauce and……..

kangkungKangkung belachan (Water spinach, stir fried in fermented prawn paste & garlic). I know fermented prawn paste doesn’t sound good, but it’s and all time favourite Malaysian delicacy, which makes any dish taste good, and so was this! So yummy. but recommended to be eaten with rice though, cos this dish was a bit on the salty side.

We also ordered 6 pieces of Thai fish cake..

fish cakeSorry! only got a pic after everyone took their share. Served with a garlic chilli dipping sauce which i think is homemade. Thai fish cake is different than the fish cake used in fish ball noodles.. it’s quite nice and is filled with other ingredients besides fish paste-not to sure what though!

Akak Carol got a Thai Ratna..

Thai RatnaIt was flat noodles, in a thick gravy, fried along with squid, prawns and vege. I had the prawns too! Akak Carol is weary of herĀ cholesterol, and i think i should be too, considering how much prawns and squid i eat!This dish reminded me of Wat Tan Hor (a Chinese dish), which i’m not a fan of, which made me not a fan of this either, slightly on the bland side.

The papaya salad came last.

papayaThis seems to have more ingredients than the mango salad, but i actually prefer the mango salad more. The papaya was too raw for me. I loved the peanuts though!

This was actually what we ordered the FIRST round.. The second round of orders order was a plate of fish in tamarind sauce.

fish tamarindI have to admit though, though we were full, this plate was clean at the end of the meal! The sauce was delish! So yummy, and slightly sweet. The fish was good, but i only had one piece, and was eating all most of the vege! All my fave vege in a dish. Capsicums and onions.. and fried onions! Fried onions made the dish for me. So fragrant!

And you would think we would not have room for dessert after all the above.. well, it’s my family we’re talking about. There’s no meal (dining out) dessert-less.

I didn’t have any but i had more than the planned few tastes of each of the desserts.

Gramma ordered a simple Thai Coconut-RM4.50

coconutTwas alright. Had a few sips cos was pretty thirsty, and some flesh Gramma scraped for me! Thanks Gramma. But i still love my small coconut-Jogoya ones, available in night markets (pasar malams) for RM2.50.

Grampa ordered a Thai Chendol..

chendolNormally, i don’t fancy desserts with coconut milk..i don’t like the flavour + it’s pretty fattening. but i like the fillings! There was yam inside, so when i found out, i ate some more! Hehe.. Chendol came with yam, green and white chendol, some yellow looking jelly-it could be nangka(jackfruit)..all in a bowl of coconut milk and shaved ice. With some palm sugar (Gula Melaka). The coconut milk was alright to me.. Grampa gave a thumbs up..maybe double thumbs up..

Akak Carol got the Red Ruby dessert.

chestnutmixed before i remembered to get a shot. It is also a bowl of coconut milk, with nangka (jackfruit) and red rubies which is water chestnuts, wrapped with a red gooey layer. Was alright, but i don’t really fancy it. Akak Carol likes the chendol more-after she discovered this restaurant serves chendol!

We also had a sago dessert, which was on the house!

sagoI do not know what it’s called, but this was GOOD! The coconut mixture was much thicker compared to the chendol and red ruby. It had lots of sago (dear, you’ll love the sago!), and some gingko nuts, and also cubed yam.. Of course, i ate the yam..:)

Okay.. i think you guys are full just reading this post! The bill came up to RM92.50 inclusive of drinks. Quite pricey.. I felt the salads were quite small..The fried rice was alright only. but other dishes were good..

We chatted for quite abit and when back! It’s fun to go out with the family and have long chats! So i’m actually grateful i didn’t go to UK!

Came home, i had a prune and finished my trail mix..yes i know.. i’m supposed to be full.. but now.. my stomach feels weird.. Oh well.

Am going to Charasmatic prayers with dear tonight. Wasn’t planning to meet him, but he’s not overtiming tonight. The irony of it. When we weren’t planning to meet, he doesn’t need to OT.

Oh well.. i think i better go.. this has been a really long post! Ta!


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