New gadget!

What a surprise this morning. When i was sending dear off to work, Uncle  (mom’s friend) dropped my behind dear’s car! Haha.. Dear said hi and went off cos he was already late!

Uncle came in and met with gramps.. It’s been awhile seeing him and mom, but mom’s busy working. Chatted with him and found out mom’s thyroid is better, practically gone. But she has caapal tunnel syndrome, which is bad news cos means she may have difficulty with her music! Pray she gets better..

Uncle pratically gave me his phone in exchange for the Sony i was using!! 🙂

Am still trying to find the model.. lol.. can’t figure it out.. will update you once i do..

while chatting with Uncle, i had 4 Weetameals to prep for my workout..

I hope i still have the energy to wake up daily for my workout when college starts…tomorrow!!

Ran, did some situps. i find that the 1st interval is when i feel most energetic. it goes downhill from then on. 😦

Had a light-ish brekkie cos we’re gonna meet Akaks at 12 for lunchies.

Tried this today..

barSpecial K Yoghurt drizzle-Mango and passionfruit bars


Was reduced to clear at Cold Storage Ikano.. RM1.99.. though expires on 30 Sept, i still bought two boxes! So worth it.


only 100 cals per bar..

bar3Sorry.. i didn’t know i took the pic of the bar upside down, on the other side, there’s yoghurt drizzle.. This bar is better than the 90 cal Special K. It’s chewy, but the flakes are somewhat crispy at the same time. One i opened it, i had a whif of mango scent! It’s not too sweet, surprisingly, cos i find most bars are, besides Kashi‘s. Kashi’s are definitely more natural, but this Kellogg’s ones are alright too. I guess lower in cals? Kashi’s are about 140 (chewy ones) and Kellogg’s only 100 cals. But if you’re looking at the ingredients list, Kashi’s have less complicated words! Lol..

Also had a naner!

nanerA riped one though.. Not many left, so may buy more.. My family loves naners! So it’s gone fast, especially when they’re ripe ones. I’m the only one who wants unripe ones.

Also had me a coffee with 1/4 cup Magnolia Skim Milk.

coffeeIn my pig cup! But it has some black marks at the base of the cup (on the inside). I’m not sure what they are, but i think they could be scratches when i stir.. i think..

Had a prune too..

After fiddling with my phone, i had little bit of trial mix too..

tmBut i’m proud to say i’ve not finished it yet! haha.

dear’s most prob not coming over tonight, but tommorrow instead..

Will be leaving the house in about an hour.. but i feel sleepy. i guess cos i didn’t sleep back after sending dear off as i would normally do..

Uni starts tomorrow. I’m slightly terribly scared cos it’s been ages (3 months) since i studied/did assignments. I’m afraid i waould fall back. And i seriously do not want to cos it will ruin all hope of First class honours.. God, help me. give me strength.

There was an option of going to UK for the next semester.. I kinda wanted to go.. and a few things held me back..

  • family + dear
  • money

I think Money was the major problem .. One would eneed 25k to go there for 6 months. I definitely would have loved to go.. i just saw some of my friends profiles on Facebook.. and i kinda envy them.. sigh.. anyway, at least i’ve my family and dear close to me..

Oh well.. I should stop visiting Facebook.. makes me.. depressed? lol..

Ok.. Ta for now.. blog-reading –> lunch..



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