You can never have you piece of cake

and eat it too..

Today, it didn’t rain-good.. but we didn’t walk around the night market either..

Reached the Night market at about 615 ish.. Wasn’t easy to find a parking spot, but thank God, we found one near the durian stalls..

While heading towards the Glutton Square (Wai Sek Kai) Food court, i smelt char lobak kou! (fried carrot cake). The stall selling it was famous and we used to buy since i was young.. but there was a long line, so we reluctantly passed on.

Went to the Glutton Square, i hurried to my fav vegetarian was closed!!!!! 😦 so i just bought from some economy rice stall which had brinjals..

mixBrought it over the other end of the food court where gramps were waiting. I had brinjals-with sambal and a piece of fried fish. there was nothing else there i was craving for, not like i was craving for the fish though.

We had to wait for the Shaved ice stall (Ais Kacang/ABC) owner to get ready before ordering. he’s quite arrogant as in he will not accept any orders until he’s ready, which takes quite a long time. Sometimes, you see him chatting up his friends instead. which is kinda annoying, but what can we do, he has one of the best reasonably priced ABCs.

Granma strangely was craving for Yin Yiong (Cantonese Fried Mee Hoon & Kuey Teow in gravy). RM5

noodleTwas alright, but she says Hoppy Restaurant serves better ones-well Hoppy’s pricier too. lol.. I ate all the vege and prawn for her.

Grampa ordered his fav fishball noodle, RM5, quite reasonable considering it had fish bladder too-the stall next to the Baba Nonya mixed rice. Speaking of Baba nonya, there was a really long line as usual, but i do not think it’s worth the wait cos the price they charge is sky high, and you have to wait for them..

Finally, i ordered the Shaved ice when the guy seemed ready..was planning to share with granma cos i was more interested in the “toppings” instead of the ics + syrup. But grampa insisted that i have my own and he order two more without topping. Sigh… I wanted the topping! Oh well.. diet for me then! 🙂

While waiting for the ABC, dear called.. said he’ll be late..AGAIN.. sigh.. he has to OT again, which really sucks. I’m not to sure if he can keep his promise of not overtiming too much after the Raya. He always feels so tired, so much so i do not know why we meet, cos he’s always too tired to do anything.

He asked me to buy back dinner for him, so i bought a Oriental Chicken Chop for him and a drink. Am not even sure if it’s good.. we’ll see.. he still hasn’t come yet.. Can you tell how much i hate his company/HR of his company/his job? I shall do my best to bear with it……

By the time i came back, my Shaved ice (ABC) looked pretty pathetic.

abcGranma had all the ice already. One ABC with the toppings/fillings is RM2.30, without toppings/filling would be RM2. I feel that the ABC has less toppings than last time. So sad..

Granma was scolding grampa for not placing his sling bag properly, she was nagging so much, that it got to me when i was already in a bad mood.. i wanted to walk around the night market more-isn’t that the purpose? but grandma didn’t want to, although she’s supposed to excercise her legs more. She said she’d rather sit in the car. So that threw my plans, of walking, out the window. Sigh.. I think i’ll just go to the night market on my own next time..

I know tonight, i sound like a total biatch or something. i’m sorry.. things aren’t going as plan.. they didn’t yesterday, neither did it today..

Also, i was checking out the companies for the CPA internship program.. My exams for the next semester end on the 17 of Jan. So most prob hols start then, but i don’t think it’s long. and most/all the internship programs start in December and want you to work for minimum of 3 months. They have good companies like CIMB, GE, KPMG, etc… but it’s so sad i don’t think my holidays tie in with the period of the programme. and i don’t think the UK holidays are at the end of the year. The long ones are mid year.. This is so depressing expecially after i’ve completed my essay for submission! 😦 I guess i’ll wait til Wednesday and ask about my holidays..

And on Wed, i’ll have to report to the Accomodation department of my college for duty! Sigh..

Thanks for reading my rants.. i don’t blame you if you didn’t bother though!

I hope everyone had a better night!



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