Banofee pair

Woke up this morning-had a really good sleep last night cos i didn’t even know it was ALREADY morning when i woke uo. sent dear off to work.. had my Weetameal-4pieces at about 6. Went back to bed.. it was supposed to be an attempt, cos i thought i was already pretty awake, but i managed to sleep till 715am, and i wanted more! lol..

But i got my butt off bed, and did my workout, run, with the addition of weights & Situps-it’s been a few months since i stopped situps cos i was to lazy to bring the Exercise mat down.. Boy, was it more difficult than normal. I could do like 100 at one go when i was an excercise freak.. now.. i think i tire after 13..

Watched abit of tv.. then showered.. Breakkie! I think it’s my fav meal of the day!

Tried a new mix of cereal-i’ve likened the idea of mixing my cereals, cos i get the best of both worlds!

Opened a Special K today.

cerealMixed in a 3/4 measure, half of the Special K Forest berries with Kelloggs All-Bran.. I  think i’m on a Kelloggs high or something.

cereal1Topped it off with some flax seed.. and 1/2 cup of magnolia skim milk.

By the time i finished, i had noticed black specks in the milk, i was worried it was rice mites-i had experienced before in my cereal.. but it wasn’t.. And i thought, maybe something harmless. When i poured it into my cup for my coffee, i noticed the milk was greyish in color. And i remembered, when i took my bowl, it was overturned on top of my mini egg-frying pan.. So i took a 1/4 of milk out from the fridge for my coffee, and compared the color, it WAS different. So i suspect, the black speckles caused the greyish ness, and it’s from the pan! So, do not put bowls overturned on the frying pan.

Yes..gross i know. but worth noting..


banoffeeHad a naner, and made my coffee with the milk from the fridge..Banoffee-get it? lol.

The naners i bought yesterday a practically ripe already! Boo! I didn’t really get the chance to eat unriped ones. i only had one yesterday!

I really want to buy a coffee machine, so i can try all the coffee beans out there, instead of plain ol’ Nescafe.. But i guess for now, Nescafe’s good.. as long as it’s not the classic one.

Had a prune too!

About 10 something, Akak Jean dropped by to give me side parking lessons.. As you know, i am a horrible side parker..

She is a good teacher! She didn’t scold me! and was patient. Definitely a better teacher than me. One flaw i admit i have is that i am impatient when it comes to teaching people.

Now i know how to sidepark, with my “butt” in! Yay..

After she left, i snacked on my trail mix!

tmA new addition of Chocolate bears!Chocolate filled bear biscuits-Akak Jack gave.. reminds me of the Jap ones. 😉

Also had the crumbles of the MAS fruitcake Akak Jean gave us. Had to cut it before it expires or else no one will bother.. hehe.

I’m not sure if we’re going out for lunch..maybe not since we’re planning to go to Pasar Malam (night market) SS2 if it’s God’s will that it doesn’t rain.. God, please don’t let it rain while we’re there.. nice to rain at night, and we can have a good sleep!

Oh well, gramps are watching Burning Flame 3.i guess i should join them.. after reading blogs and other stuff!

Ta! Love y’all!


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