Attempt #1 Kale chips

I tried kale chips today-well, not exactly kale..but i used curly endives. I know they’re different, but i just can’t find any kale other than chinese kale here.. so sad.. I didn’t take any pics cos i wasn’t sure if i got the right result. But it WAS crispy..but very light. The stems didn’t get crispy. I don’t have a salad spinner (saw one once, too pricey!), so it wasn’t TOTALLY dry.. just somewhat dry. Anyone got any ideas besides kale?

After that failed attempt, i had a small lunch.

The last of my first box of Kashi bars.

kashikashi1I’m one who is easily attracted by packaging, i guess that’s why i like imported stuff.. 🙂

Along with a bar, i had a carrot with some SSB..

carrrotI’ve perfected the art of nuking the SSB! 45 secs in the microwave, covered, and it’s somewhat spreadable, though it gets crumbly..

The bottle of pistachios was right next to me, so i HAD to have some! 🙂

pistachioYumm! Also finished my trail mix for the day, and some more pumpkin seeds..

And a prune… and some of the fallen bits of the fruit cake.. and also maybe 5 potato chips Akak Jean gave! Crap.. impulsive snacking! Bad Jace.

Gramps didn’t have much.. they’re addicted to Burning Flame.

I sorted out some clothes.. my cupboard is SO messy.. I need another cupboard! and i need to slim down! There are a few clothes i REALLY like, and used to be able to wear untilmy recent 6kg!! Sigh.. So i’m planning to keep them.. and we’ll see if i succeed!

College’s starting on Wed! Boo! I still am not too sure of where i may park.. Hope the housing area guards let me in.. 🙂

The sun is out! hopefully it stays that way till night market time! I actually don’t know why i’m so gungho about going there.. i don’t really have anything to get.. lol..

Okay.. Ta for now! Sammie‘s online!


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