Sleepless in Seattle..

or in my room rather.. I tossed and turn for quite awhile.. TOTALLY did not have a good sleep.. maybe i was too full.. lol.

Was tempted to run cos am not meeting dear today.. but i figured i should give my legs after 5 days of running.

woke up this morning and had a Kashi bar for brekkie!

kashiYum.. i ate the first bar, and i realised it’s kinda giving my teeth a HARD time, so i nuked the second one for 10 secs. Worked like a charm. It was more biteable.. I love the taste of these!

Also had a coffee, cos i’m sure i didn’t have enough sleep to keep me going coffee-less today.

coffeeSorry.. these are phone pics cos my cam was upstairs..

Also had a couple of nuts while prepping my portion of trail mix. i need to portion out though i stopped working cos i know i WILL go overboard if i DON’t..

Will be meeting Akak Jean & Carol for lunch today, hope not another big one. But one be seeing dear.. I’m VERY sad about it.. Did i tell you how much i dislike his job??

Anyway, Ta for now! hope everyone has a better Sunday!


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