Oodles of Noodles (Nippy Noodle Restaurant Review)

Look who i found..

catAkak Jean’s cat which Granma saved from the market!

Met up with Akak Jean and Carol for lunch.. Went to Nippy Noodle Restaurant, off Jln Kuchai Lama.. Gramps went to this place without me, with Akaks before.. so today, i got to try!

But before leaving, i did have some trail mix-not pictured. šŸ™‚

It took quite awhile to go there. Reached Akak’s place at 1210 ish, but only reached the restaurant at about 1pm. It’s quite near the famous Win Soon Fish Head Noodle.

The restaurant is small and cosy. Visited my Ho Chiak before, this shop makes their own Bamboo noodles, recipe derived from Guangzhou, China. There’s a room where you can see the guy prepping the noodles.

Prices are not cheap though.. and the noodles take quite a while. Our “other” dishes came first..

char siewChar siew, grilled pork i think (translated).. quite nice, but i do not like that they do not have pure lean meat. The only type is the pun fei sau (half lean, half fat). I have to admit though, this is one of the few char siew i’ve eaten that does not require sauce, and is delish on its own.

siew yukSiew Yuk (BBQ pork), was very good. This is a fav among Gramps. Me too! Perfectly crispy, and the pork is tasty.. I ate more of this cos the fat was easier to cut out..

chicken feetChicken feet with mushroom.I’m not a fan of this, but i did eat the mushroom! They have a plate of braised mushrooms too, but we didn’t order.. i’m not too sure of there’s alot of mushroom fans at the table. lol..

vegNai pak with oyster sauce.I’m not too sure what’s this called in English, but this vege is excellent, so much so we ordered another large one. But it’s EXPENSIVE! RM 15-same as Greenview price.

We also ordered two bowls of dumplings.. We wanted the pan-fried ones, but they were too busy to prep them. so we ordered ones in soup.

fishThis is the fish dumpling.This bowl is large.. Quite nice, with the fish paste inside, there’s also spring onions. The wanton skin is smooth, and very thin.

prawnThis is similar to the above, but this has prawn filling.They’re definitely not stingy with the prawns. But definitely this is more expensive than the fish dumpling. This was nice, but Akaks say that the pan-fried ones are nicer (which i missed out)..

but at the end of our meal, and feeling stuffed, we saw waiters carrying them! šŸ˜¦ So sad.. If only we had waited, but the waiter could not tell us / did not tell us what time it would be ready. We WOULD have waited! It looked crispy… And you know that Jace loves crispy foods.. No matter how unhealthy.. well except chicken skin.. lol..

Noodles were the last.. Me and Akak Jean didn’t have any, but i did try some from Grandma’s.

noodlesI ate like three spoonfuls of these, and the vege.. Quite nice, but i guess not as great as i thought.. but very thin.. I guess that’s what so special. Akak Carol ordered another small one (after a large one), and granpa had second helpings. so i guess you can’t take my word for it. i would have preferred if it had more dark soy sauce i suppose..

The bill came up to RM104 ish.. PRICEY. last time they came (4 of them).. RM75.. it’s mostly cos of the side dishes, and two plates of vege amounting to RM30.. This place is delish, but not somewhere to come often.

Food: 8/10 | Price: 5/10 | Ambience:7/10 | Service: 7/10 *

* The waiter didn’t tell us about the pan-fried dumplings.. šŸ˜¦

Nippy Noodle Restaurant: No.25, Jln Kuchai Lama, Entrepreneurs Park, Off Jalan Kuhai Lama, 58200, KL

Tel & Fax: +60379821781 Email: nippy.noodle@yahoo.com

Though we were very full, we went to Cafe 2369 for drinks cos Akaks really like the Hong Kong milk tea. I had a Milk Tea with red bean, quite a big glass too! No pic! Sorry.. Got to read some mags! šŸ™‚ And played checkers with Grandpa, for which i am sure he purposely lost to me.. lol.. i’m getting bad at it.

Went back, dropped by Tesco to get some groceries! There were quite alot of people, but at least i am stocked up with Milk and Naners, also a storage box for clothes! Yay..

Gramps are watching Burning Flame 3 now. Was watching but stopped formy blog! See, i’m committed! šŸ™‚

Ta for now.. Dear’s coming, but not early.. šŸ˜¦

Oh.. and i did snack on the Filling of a blueberry tart, and the rest of my portioned trail mix! And a prune! Must control!


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