Greenview Review

Finally, the night for Greenview!

It was pouring during mass, but we still arrived on time after dropping dear’s brother at the LRT station. Had to park quite far from Greenview, but the walk was worth it cos our stomachs needed it after the amount we ate.

There was quite alot of people,but still available empty tables, either that or they were already reserved. Either way, it was quite crowded, and i assume there was quite a confusion. Though everyone at our table had arrived, it took awhile for the waiter/the guy who took our order to when we made reservations, to get the kitchen to start.

First to come out was the Half suckling piglet, half roasted chicken (Vegetarians & animal lovers, skip this picture)

pigchickenI know, the piglet’s head.. Gramps love this and i think it’s been ages since they ate it, so i kinda agreed to order it for them. Quite pricey.. i’m not sure if it’s half is worth RM70. if you are a Crispy suckling pig lover, go ahead, cos my granpa who is, likef it. The half roasted chicken (RM30) was quite nice, i liked the sauce which came with it.WAS tempted to eat the skin, cos it was thin and crispy, but i resisted! Go me! I gave up skin i think since i was super young.

Second to arrive was the Sei Tai Tin Wong (4 types of vege).. RM 15

vegeConsisted of Green beans, asparagus, brinjal and okra (ladies fingers) cooked simply with garlic, they also have it belachan (fermented prawn paste), but it would be spicy. So we ordered this style, simple, yet i think one of the best ching chau (stir-fry) i’ve had. It was fragrant, and delish! I love brinjals. Definitely wouldn’t have mind if it was just brinjals, but i think my family’s sick of brinjals already. Not me!

Next in line was the Butter Prawns (Lai Yau Ha) RM60

prawnOne of my fav styles of having prawn, but my number on would be oats style (less oily, and more of the oats!).. I just love the sprinkles (garnish), which i think could be egg, or milk.. i read somewhere that it’s milk, but i do not know how they make it solid.. Prawns were HUGE. And delish. Fresh! Curry leaves are a must in this dish. Worth RM60? I guess, considering the huge prawns. i ate it shell and all.

The Hai Pa Kai Choy came soon after.. RM15

hai kai choyConsidering this dish is considered something special, i think the price is okay. It’s kai choy (the vege used to make ham choy [salted vege] or choy keok), with carrots and crab meat.. I thought it was ok.. I mean, knowing that there’s crab meat.. cool. but taste was nothing special to me. Gramps love this dish alot though.

TeoChew Steamed Sek Pan fish (grouper fish)-RM65 came not a while longer..

fishSeriously, this is one of the best i’ve tried. of course, nothing beats the Sook Hock (Marble Goby) i ate with Gramps and Akak Jack in Goh Thong, on the way to Genting.. of course, nothing beats the “expensive-ness” of it either. It was maybe close to RM200? Anyway, last night’s was second best. So sweet! Seriously good fish! It’s pricey, but fresh, sweet and delish. Any fish lover will appreciate this.

Finally, Sweet, spicy and sour CRABS! (RM144, RM60/kg) Indonesian crabs to be specific.

crabBiggest crabs i’ve seen. and i think most expensive too. Grampa said it wasn’t worth the price, though i do think it’s one of the best i’ve tried. I’m not a big fan of crabs unless someone peels it for me..

claw1which dear did! Thanks dear! They’re so smart to come up with the idea of giving small plastic bags to customers, to put the crab parts in, so that we can hammer away without dirtying ourselves.

claw2Meat was sweet and the flavour of the sauce could be tasted too, unlike many places i’ve tried. Talking about sauce, i think i drank more than the amount of sauce i should have, considering i’m sure it’s not too healthy.. but it took awhile for the mantou (deep fried bun) to that we could swipe more sauce out!

We had to remind them about it.. but it did come in the end.

mantouRM4/loaf-though i can get it for RM2.50 at the food court in Kepong, but this is the BEST mantou i’ve eaten. Outside is so crispy, and the bun inside is soft and lends a sweet flavour.. Tastiest mantou, but i would have prefered a fluffier and lighter texture on the inside. I ate one whole end piece on my own.. wait..or two.. and maybe a few more, but only the outer skin layer, and gave the rest to dear.. hehe.. i really love that i could peel the outer layer off.. 🙂

Sadly, by the time the crabs came, granma wasn’t feeling to well. she was sweating (cold sweat). Had some gastric pain and flatulence in the stomach. We suspect it could be due to to little for lunch, and too much for dinner. So Grampa took her back (i’ll spare you the details of what happened when she left the restaurant), and dear paid for the bill..

Gosh.. just typing this post, i feel full already.. lol..

Overall, food is good, but price.. not so..

Food: 8.5/10 | Price: 4/10 | Ambience: 6/10 | Service: 6.5/10

Restoran Green View: No.6 & 8, Jln 19/3, 46300, PJ, Selangor.

Tel: 03-79581076/79549263 Business hours:11am-11pm

Didn’t get the chance to try the famous Sang Har Meen (Fresh prawn noodle).. Pricey, and we thought it wouldn’t be worth it.

All of us met back at the house, and Granma was feeling better..

I spotted this:

blueberryBluberry tarts. My curious tastebuds had to try them, though my stomach was too full.. I had one. Was alright.. I’m quite particular when it comes to cookies which use this kind of pastry method (the filling is coverd my the pastry). Cos there are many which sticks to your teeth. These was only alright. The CNY ones Akaks bought were nicer.

Akak Carol brought some snacks over, and some pistachios too.. which i had a few.. We chatted..till quite late.. LEt Max in too.. Hehe.. We chatted till 11 something, that’s why this post is kinda late! Sorry.. 🙂


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