Breakfast-ish dinner

Was blogging, reading blogs and stuff, when dear called, said he’ll be late.. I really really hate his job. no. i hate his company’s HR. Sigh..

Anywho.. so my mood went from good.. to like.. it collapsed from the twin towers or something..

Had no mood to go out  for dinner, and i wasn’t THAT hungry cos of the pretty heavy lunch..

So i figured i should get using the eggs in the fridge. been in there awhile. so i tested the edibility of the eggs. Placing it in a tub of water.. it sank! If it floats, don’t eat it!

Chopped up half an onion.. waited ages to caramelize it in my new tiny egg frying pan.. and put some salt.. and in went the egg. I figured a good way to make scrambled eggs in a small pan is using one side of a pair of chopsticks, and stir vigorously when the egg is cooking, voila, scrambled eggs!

eggTopped it with osme dark soy sauce from Miri. Yumm! Made the kitchen smell so good!

Had a slice of bread, with some sunflower seed butter..

breadThis time, i made sure the SSB was covered and nuked it for 40 secs. Though it didn’t seem soft, but when i started spreading it, i t kinda crumbled, and still managed to spread it. I’m not sure if it being crumbled is due to:

  • it being on its last legs
  • it being in the fridge
  • it coming from the microwave-which dried it out

Any ideas? lol..

Finished my meal with a naner.

nanerPretty unripe– what i like!

also had an Alla Fonte Mandarin orange. The carton in my house is gonna expire!

Dear EVENTUALLY came.. sigh.. to tell you the truth, i don’t know how much longer i can take this. I can’t even start to imagine what it would be like next time.. I think the HR does not know how it’s like because it’s not THEM going through it.

Anyway, dear had the instant ramen for dinner.. not the healthiest.. it’s organic though!

Ok.. Ta for now. Gnite! Sweet dreams


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