Chore day

I think my body clock is fixed.. I suddenly woke up at 5 something.. Luckily, i could go back to sleep. 🙂

Ate 3 of my Gullon wholemeal biscuits. Then went down to clear up a bit.. Ate a couple ‘o pumpkin seeds! 😉

Ran the usual, and also did some light weights. I gave myself new motivation when i run.. “Just one step in front of the other!”..

Watched One Tree Hill.will not bathe till later-but i really stink now.. cos gonna have to get sweaty when i get down to the chores..I’m down to the last episode of One Tree Hill on the dvd.. 😦

Made me some cereal!

cereal1/4 cup and 1/8 cup of All bran plus 1/4 cup of me really nutty cereal from Dorsett. All with 1/2 cup of Dutch Lady milk. Topped with some ground organic flax seed (i prefer this to wheatgerm cos wheat germ tends to just float around in the milk), and some pumpkin seeds.. My cereal became a bit salty cos of the salted pumpkin seeds.. Lesson learnt!

Had me a cuppa with the left over milkie..

coffeeYumm.. pics are not too got cos i used my phone.. cam was upstairs.. 🙂

Had some more pumpkin seeds too.. 🙂 and a prune! Plummies aren’t rip yet.. 😦

I’m so glad to be using my home connection. Pics appear much faster for me to connect..

Have some chores to do.. So better get going before it’s time to bathe Max!


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