Can you burn Peanut butteR?

Well.. i found out today that we could. 😐 (Well, sunflower seed butter can BURN)

burntI nuked the sunflower seed butter for a minute.. and suddenly i saw smoke in the microwave! I took it out and the WHOLE kitchen smelt like burnt peanuts.. Had to reheat them with a MICROWABLE PLASTIC COVER. it didn’t burn, but it’s still hard..i think it’s cos its  seed butter as opposed to a nut butter.. Cos i have a jar of almond butter, and it looks quite liquid as compared to these..

paired the SS butter with some carrots..

carrotsTasted some of the burnt SS butter, tastes like burnt popcorn! Lol.. Carrots are one of the few veges i can stand raw.. Capsicums are delish too.. not celery! even with PB on it! So bitter..

Had my last cappuccino bar

cappuccinoLike this… will wake me up without having to make a cuppa! I tend to get sleepy before church, so hopefully this will do me good. i had some leftover SS butter from the carrots, so i combined the bar with it.. so good! lol..

Had a prune, and two or three handfuls of pumpkin seeds.. with a couple of nuts in the mix..

Gramps went out for lunch. I didn’t know they weren’t going to “cross” the toll-my actual plan was to go to Borders and have a cuppa.. Oh well.. we’re having a light lunch cos of the definitely HEAVY dinner tonight.

So i’m still home.. posting my lunch.. i finished One Tree Hill.but am still waiting for the newer episodes on TV..

Dear has to work tomorrow morning.. 😦 I think i’m beginning to hate his job.. wait.. i already hate his job.. sigh..

Greenview,here we come!

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