So many bars…

so little time.. I bought more bars today! Went to Cold Storage.. Bought 2 boxes (Buy 1 Free 1) Kashi Honey Almond Flax Chewy! If it was always this promo, i’ll buy! So worth it.. RM21.99 PER box is to pricey.. And also 2 special K Yoghurt drizzle-Mango and passion fruit.. You’ll be seeing it soon!

Went to pump petrol.. then to my college.. Seriously, management there sucks. You actually have to pay to park in your own college (which has alot of space btw, not like many which don’t have much space).. Anyway, so i decided to go and buy the RM20/month sticker-rip off right?? But since today is the 18th, and you pay half-yearly basis, you’ll have to pay RM10 more for September, when i’m just going to park there for maybe.. starting from23rd?? Sucks! Then i asked the clerk what i should do.. she said park at Centrepoint.. I’m you know how expensive it is to park there the whole day?? Then she was like, there’s nothing we can do.. WTH! I mean, you could have the decency to say maybe you can park without the sticker for a few days or something.. She was totally NOT helpful! ISH!

hmph.. got that off my chest.. Went to Ikano cos i was still early.. Only had lunch when i came back to the office, about 2pm ish.. by then, i was quite hungry.. though i did have a snack at 12 ish..


Cappucinno nougat..crunchy style.. Which was more of hard. I seriously wonder how people bite these things.. This is the last one i have, so i don’t think i’ll be buying the CRUNCHY one anytime soon. But i do love the almonds in them!

Had a Kashi bar Honey Toasted 7 grains for lunch..


One thing i love about Kashi TLC bars is that they’re perfectly sweet-not TOO sweet.. I think the Special K 90 cals one are too sweet.. So are Quaker ones.. And they seem pretty healthy.. Though 180 cals.. that’s for two bars.. So it’s pretty substansial for a meal replacement.. especially if you include..


Milo! Australian Milo.. Kinda have to finish it though it’s quite a long way from expiry. It says to finish within 4 weeks of opening.. but it’s been more than that since i opened now..

I wasn’t full at first.. but after a while..satiety set in.. and i’m pretty full from the milo..

Going home later.. cos afraid of the jam.. Last day of internship! Woo hoo.. gonna get my testimonial from my boss!


Love ya!

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