Rainy raya

Dear called at around 415 ish..and talked while i munched on my trail mix..

tmYumm.. i don’t think i can go a day without ’em! (both talking to dear & my trail mix :p)

It was raining cats and dogs..I was drenched walking to my car.. Didn’t wait for the rain to stop cos i was afraid it wouldbe super jam cos of  “balik kampung”. I had to step in puddles of muddy water! Yuck… My windscreen got fogged up! I didn’t know till into a few mins of driving, i was wondering why i couldn’t see.. Lol..

I think i drove real slow.. i have a phobia of driving in the rain.. But i reached home in one piece.. 🙂

Watched tv for a bit.. then around 630pm, prepared a quick dinner cos i had a feeling we won’t be going out with such heavy rain..

Nuked my salmon in tomato sauce i made a few days ago.. all good!

salmon vegI know it’s not the best looking, and it’s in a pathetic plastic container, but less dishes, less water, save the environment. 🙂

Had it with a slice of Extra healthy bread..

breadThis bread is meant for dipping, spreading, etc..not eaten alone.. TOO healthy..

Yummy dinner.. And i find it amazing i came up with this myself. The flavours of the salmon and tomato really balanced out and the vege added some sweetness. wanted to wilt in some of my spinach in it, but figured that should give them to Akak Jean tomorrow..

I was kinda craving for something.. i guess i wasn’t full/satisfied.. so i had me some Starbucks Coffee ice cream.. hope i can sleep tonight! 😉

creamWith the amount i ate, i knew i could have just eaten from the tub, but that’d mean no self control. lol.. so i HAD to use a small cup..

Washed a whole lotta dishes..gross! And also toasted some pumpkin seeds.. This time, i sprayed them with Pam Olive Oil Cooking Spray, and sprinkled salt on them and toasted them on the stove.. Perfect! So addictive.. but i kinda feel “jelak” of it already maybe due to too much salt..

continued with One Tree Hill.wanted to walk abit but i was feeling kinda lethargic and all..cos the rain was giving me a hard time during the trip from my office to my car..

Now i feel so unproductive.. did some hanging of clothes though.. i have no space in my cupboard.. NEED storage boxes ASAP!

I’ll be running tomorrow morning to replace Tues, but won’t be waking up uber early..

Things to do tomorrow:

  • mop floor
  • wash toilet
  • help Akak bathe smelly Max
  • hand wash clothes
  • hang clothes-if can fit into cupboard
  • Go Tesco: storage boxes, honey, toothpaste?
  • Go Curve, Borders-read

Things i need to get, but don’t have money/capability to get:

  • external hard disk to store pics-i keep having to delete pics from my cam..
  • mp3/ipod..
  • reverse ensor?? Haha..
  • almond butter..cashew butter
  • Larabars..
  • Vitatops..
  • The WHOLE range of Kashi cereal..
  • A soft and fluffy bathrobe..
  • A hand blender?
  • Whole Foods in Malaysia
  • Brie cheese everyday

I know.. i know.. i’m being very materialistic.. but don’t tell me none of you out there has a list?? It’s not wrong for a girl to dream right?

Okay.. i think i’ve got to say good night.. gonna wake up at about 7ish tomorrow..



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