I <3 cereal

It never gets easy waking up at 530am to workout.. Does it ever for any of you out there? But i did, for my 6kg…. ate a Gullon wholemeal biscuit.. my latest fav.. hard too find good tasting HEALTHY biscuits. Ate the last of my PB cookie too..

Ran..and did some weights..I tried to do extra. but by my third interval, i was worn out.. so i watched One Tree Hill!


Did i tell you i’m obssessed with cereal? or is it addicted?


Mixed Kelloggs All Bran with some Dorsett Really Nutty Cereals.. Topped with some ground flax  seed and cashews/almonds.. yumm..

Had me some coffee with the leftover milk..


Had a prune..and off to work.. UNTIL the rubbish truck came.. So i was stuck at home for a bit. Wouldn’t want to be following that truck on the way out.. A traffic-jam-less morning.. but i still got in late cos i left late.. Strangely..my bosses were in early.. but nevermind.. it’s my LAST day! Yippee! haha..

Ok..ta for now!


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