Good obssession?

Is there such a thing? as a good obssession i mean? Cos i think these are the things i’m addicted/obssessed with..(See Monica’s)

  • Coffee
  • Food
  • Health
  • Blog reading
  • Cereal!!!

You should see how much cereal i bought from Cold Storage yesterday. Two Special Ks and one all branbuds-they were cheap! Reduced to clear, But the expiry date is reasonably long from now. Normally it would be a few weeks, but this time, the ones i bought were a few months. Can’t wait to try them all!

How i ended up in Cold Storage..

After work, i was supposed to meet Gramps to go to Pasar Malam (night market) in SS2..BUT it was raining before i left work. It kinda stopped, but the sky didn’t look good. So i parked my car at 1Utama-for which i had a DIFFICULT time side parking! Someone teach me!

Then jumped into gramps car to head to SS2… then it started to drizzle! :O

but we still managed to walk around..and i bought Mat Tou Yau (at least one thing good came out of the trip!)


Yum! Atapci (palm fruit), sweet potato, lotus seed and red beans!! Made my night though it started raining cats and dogs! We were stuck in the Mee Yoke Lim Coffee shop where grampa ordered a Hokkien Mee (which was good-RM5) and granma was busy with her sunflower seeds.

I had some pork meat from the Hokkien Mee and some sunflower seeds. Was planning to walk around the Night market to see what good eats there are, but the rain ruined my plans. Also wanted to buy fruit.. oh well..

We waited till the rain was barely drizzling and went back quite dissapointed. Last time, when it drizzled while we were on the way, we turned back. But this time, when we decide to go though drizzling, it rains cats and dogs!

And what a horrible jam on the way back! So when gramps dropped me off to get my car, i decided to hang around at 1 utama, have a bite and stuff before going back.

Got a Roti Boy!


Reenactment,but i promise you, it looks exactly the same! Hehe.. Yumm..i couldn’t snap a shot while walking, and was already peeling the tops cos i was hungry.. Gave the rest to Max, which gobbled it within seconds..

Went to Cold Storage, where i spotted cereals reduced to clear. I was so delighted. But i swear i saw that the Special K Honey Almond was reduced to clear too.. but cashier said no.. so i returned it in the end.

So you’ll be seeing cereal for most of the next mornings! But different cereals, i promise!

By the time i finished at Cold Storage, granpa called and say the jam has loosened.. Just in time for me! But it was still raining, so i kinda got wet.. 😦

So last night, was kinda a mix of good and bad.. so i SHALL look on the bright side..i got cheap cereal, and i got my mat tou yau!

Got home, had a plum.. which again wasn’t ripe..


I wonder when it’s EVER gonna get ripe. Maybe i should get a few apples and put it with the plums! placing it with the naners didn’t seem to work..

I had 2 prunes as well, munched and a few Nips (similar to M&M’s with peanuts).. 

So i didn’t actually have a dinner, just a few snacks. I wasn’t really hungry.. (Listen to your hunger)..

Watched One Tree Hill! I had to pull myself away from the TV at 1015pm so i could get into bed early!

I heart One tree hill.. 

Btw, i did finish my trail mix i brought to office.. just for the record! :)



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