Dinner was home-grown today.. 🙂 My very own spinach! Asian spinach. I’ve not seen this variety before-triangular leaves..


Cut off some day before yesterday.

Fried some garlic in oil, then added the stems first, some water and covered to let it steam till the stems soften. Then added the leaves.. Cooked till it wilts slightly.. Added chicken stock granules, pepper, salt, Chinese cooking wine, oyster sauce and fish sauce. All by estimation i.e., a dash…

Then stirred it till everythink incorporated.. Added some sesame oil at the end..


Too bad i didn’t cook it soft enough! 😦 Grampa couldn’t bite.. So grandma took it and recooked so that it would soften.. it did! I could bite. And it tasted quite good. Only that grandma had added more water, so the tast was kinda diluted. But strangely, granpa couldn’t bite. The stems he could cos it was cooked longer. So i ate most of it.. So you could guess as much as i was extremely full. of vege! While waiting for grandma to cook, i ate some weetameal.


Dipped it in some GOOD rendang sauce (leftover).. yumm.. Weetameal + Rendang sauce!

Ended my meal with a prune.. and a plum


UNRIPE plum.. I think i should stick to bananas and the occassionally grapes from Tesco. I don’t think the other fruits there are good. The night market (Pasar Malam) is better. And these weren’t cheap.. RM8 for 8.. and it’s never getting ripe.. even though they’re right next to the naners!

Stole some nuts from my nut stash too.. Hehe..

Did some walking while gramps were watching news.. I read my old seventeen mag.. I just don’t feel like spending on any new mags since i can go to Borders and have a drink.Thank you Borders & Starbucks!

I think i walked for about 20 mins until dear called.. He’s working night shift again.. 😦

Watched One Tree Hill while waiting for my sweat to dry.. I’m addicted! lol..

Showered, watched again.. And bed i went at 1030pm! 🙂


After lunch, before leaving work.. i finished my yummylicious trail mix while talking to dear on the phone! talking on the phone makes time fly by.. in no time.. it was 5pm!


I’m loving the Munchy’s mini PB crackers.. but the PB is slightly artificial tasting.. but a good addition to my trail mix!



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