Here we come Greenview!

Well.. this saturday that is.. Just now, met up with gramps to make a booking for greenview (ss2, Rothman’s roundabout) for this Saturday. Dear’s spending the family! But he left the orders up to us! 🙂 So we ordered quite alot.. it’ll be a surprise on Sat nite!

Lunch was at Hong Seng Coffee shop Section 17. It was nearby, and i couldn’t resist the brinjal, so i ditched my packed lunch.. :p

It was pretty packed, so we had to share tables with other eaters..

I had my vegetarian mixed rice..


Right: brinjal, Left: something vegetarian replicating prawn (lai liu ha)

The brinjal was quite oily cos this was what’s left. it was 1pm and this most of the brinjal was gone! The brinjal was nice, but i had to “wipe” it on my plate to get the oil off. The vegetarian thingy was alright. Nothing to shout about.

Granma ordered her choy keok

choy keok

which i would describe as a preserved vegetable stew. It is cooked with pork/pork parts to make the broth, and also asam (sour thingy), dried chillies, and the vege is preserved vegetable, similar ones that are used to make Salted vege (ham choy).

Granma also got a roasted pork (char siew) rice.


I had one piece of the pork.. cos there wasn’t much lean meat.. Granma likes pun fei sou.. which means half fat half lean meat. The dish is good.. but i seriously am not fond of the lady owner of the stall. she’s really rude, and totally has no PR. I guess she’s pretty arrogant cos she knows that her food is good..

Granpa ordered one plate of rice, and ordered some Salted Vege, salted agg and tofu from the Teochew porridge shop.. i was to busy eating to snap a shot!


At my naner before lunch! Around 1130 ish..


i think i ate it out of borederm..

also had one Alla Fonte Prebiotic drink (pom flavour)..

Had nothing much to do. So was prepping the 250 – 500 word essay for the CPA internship program. Hope i get through!

I think i’m gonna busy myself with blog reading.. I might as well get to it since when i start uni, i won’t be so free anymore. But reading all these food blogs/recipes just keeps me hungry.. not good! Lol.. Oh well..

Ta for now!


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