Enough sleep??

Slept pretty early last night.. but i still feel sleepy.. the minute i stepped on my treadmill.. i was yawning! and i had a slight tummy ache, but i still braved through my workout. Did the usual today, but in substituted lunges for weights. My first interval-lots of energy. 2nd, not so.. 3rd..i was dying.. seriously.. how do the other bloggers to 5,6 milers when i can barely do 2?? I respect you guys out there man!

Had one PB biscuit and 1 Gullon biscuit before napping and waking up for my workout.

I’m so addicted to One Tree Hill While waiting for my sweat to dry, i watched even though it was only for 20 mins!

Breakfast was bread and SS butter..


I microwaved the SS butter for 1 min, and it’s still difficult to spread! I don’t know how to get it in a spreadable form! Used the Extra healthy bread.Yes.. i still have some left! And some Sourdough in the freezer.

Had me a coffee too..


And a prune + 3 cashews and an almond!

Now i’m at work.. and i think there’s not gonna be much to do.. unless my bigger boss gives me work, which is rare.. but she will if she can.. my other boss is on leave today! So i think it’s be a pretty boring day for me.

How’s your day? Hope not as boring! But i’m glad it’s my second last day of work! Yay! but uni starts soon and i don’t even get to see dear on the public holiday before my uni starts! Stupid overtime!



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