White rice

I think the only times i eat white rice are on days like today, when it’s sushi time. And if there WAS a brown rice option (like Cold Storage, i think Country Farm Organics too), i would opt for that, otherwise, i have no choice cos my love for sushi trumps my hatred for white rice.

Went to 1 Utama today.. Wanted to eat Tokyo G since i have “worth it” vouchers i got from the flyer they were distributing.. My voucher entitled me to one chameleon roll with any order of G roll, bento, rice or noodle dishes.

So that’s what i ordered.. Considering there were quite a few people today, my food was quite fast (not like super fast, but faster than last time). Either that or i was to busy fiddling with my phone.

chamelon This is the chameleon roll.. basically, (my own description), it’s a reverse roll containing tamago (japanese sweet omelette), topped with salmon / avacado with a dollop of mayo and sprinkle or roe. All good.. Nom nom nom.. I dipped it in soy sauce, cos i think salmon goes really well with it. Avacado-i find that avacado is not really full of flavour, but it’s rich and creamy and also nutritious!

I ordered a G-Roll (so sorry can’t remember the name)


A reverse roll of Ebi tempura (prawn tempura) with cucumber, and i THINK tempura bits (or they could have been bits from the prawn tempura batter) ,rolled in garlic flakes, with mayo and some kinda brown sauce (i can’t confirm if it’s teriyaki). This cost me RM9.90 (before tax). Tasty, but i think if it wasn’t for the pretty big prawn, it would come off as really normal (would be available at other Sushi outlets).

Food was good, but i still wouldn’t go there if not for the voucher. Too pricey and they do not have cheaper options. Service was good today..

Food: 8/10 | Service: 7.5/10 | Price: 5/10 | Ambience: 7.5/10

Tokyo G, 1 Utama


Around 1130 ish, i had my naner!


They got ripe pretty fast.. So i’ll be eating my bananas ripe instead of a tad unripe which i wanted.. Oh well..

My bosses are out.. I’m not sure if i want to bake them a cake. I kinda have no time + i’m lazy. Lol.. seriously, this place pays me peanuts.. the allowance doesn’t even cover my transport.

Dear hasn’t woken up yet i think. He’s still tired from Night Shift.. Did i tell you how much i hate the people who created shifts (night)???

Sigh.. Oh well.. went to Cold Storage.. was tempted to buy some stuff (overseas), but i prevented myself and reminded myself that i have loads of stuff to finish at home, including the spinach from my mini garden! 🙂

Ta for now!

cya at dinner! have a happy Wed Afternoon!



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