It’s such a salmon day!

Last night, dinner was, you guessed it!, Salmon!

Canne ones though..


Bought this from Tesco (RM3.99), imported from UK. Tesco has really improved in their range.. When i opened this can, it wasn’t flaky.. But i could flake it easily. No bones!

Used up the BBQ sauce leftover from Sunday. Ratio of sauce to chicken on Sunday was way off, so i had lots of leftover. I chopped up a yellow onion, tried to brown it, it wasn’t caramelised enough-i was impatient. Then i tossed the salmon it, flaked it in the pan, tossed mixed vege in, and the bbq sauce.. While doing all that, San Remo Wholewheat penne pasta was boiling..

And all that tossed together (pasta and salmon tomato sauce) equals:


And i have to say, i surprised myself! 😀 It tasted good! The sourness of sauce i guess balanced out the saltiness of the salmon (it was in brine). A complete meal! Carbo-whole wheat pasta, Protein-Salmon, Vege-mixed vege, healthy fat- salmon! I topped it with a couple of cashews, for crunch (and cos i just love cashews), but it wasn’t worth it. Crunch-there, but the flavour was just not there and got lost in the mix.. 😦

Such an easy and simple meal. I didn’t have any fruit-plums were too UNRIPE!

So i had a prune, and dried mango, and a couple more pumpkin seeds.

Before work, i finished the Elderflower tea by Pokka


RM2.29 from Tesco. Was quite nice. Not too sweet, which is good. Alot of Tea flavour! 🙂

Wathched One Tree Hill,Ram(dear’s current housemate) lent me-Thanks! I love One Tree addictive.. and emotional. I was crying! But it teaches you alot of lessons.. not like in a boring moral documentary or something, but in a really good drama series way! I really appreciate life more and understand it more after watching it..

Did walking for 15 minutes on incline with the treadmill while watching. i missed running yesterday..

Could’ve walked longer, but the show got really interesting.

Dear was on night shift.. I don’t know why, but it just feels weird. As if he’s further away or something.. but deep down, i know it makes no diff if he works night shift. for him yes.. but not for me..


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