I tossed and turn last night, took awhile for me to sleep. Was so sleepy when i woke up.. 😦

Pre-workout snack was slightly diff. A PB biscuit and..


Gullon wholemeal biscuits! Kinda a new thing i found at cold Storage. One that i definitely buy again. They were reasonably priced, made in Spain, and were delish wholemeal biscuits. Nutritional profile is good to. i think for a good 5 pieces=150 cals. And the pieces are thicker than the Jacob’s Weetameals. I hope Cold Storage doesn’t increase the price though. (Note: sugar is second on the list of ingredients though. They do have the sugarless one, which i have but have not tried)


Forgive me for the pics, i was too sleepy to go downstairs to get my cam.. and my phone was right next to me! 🙂

I had two pieces and went back to bed till 615am, though i didn’t sleep back really well.

Ran the usual, and also did some light weights. Today, energy is definitely better than the past week.. Thank God. My umph is back! Lol.

I seriously do not know how the other bloggers (see blogroll) can run 5-6milers.. I can barely run 3 miles.. Sigh.

Gave Max a bone-made some green tea-showered-breakkie!

Cereal misses me!


Finished my Corn Pops.. so i think my next round of cereal is quite healthy since i’m using:


It (Kelloggs All Bran original) reminds me of the Fibre one (no fibre one in Msia..:()if seen on other blogs.. It’s quite tasty, and i suppose healthy-loads of fibre.. I think i used like almost a 1/2 cup of this and 1/4 cup of my Really Nutty Muesli (Dorsett) + half cup Dutch Lady Milk (Low Fat).

Had a prune, and also a coffee!



It’s been ages since i made my own coffee (ok, not ages.. but awhile) cos i hadn’t got milk. But now i do! Mmm..

Today, less jam, but still quite alot of cars on the road.. considering dear said that most Malays would have taken leave by now. Whatever it is, i was still on time! 🙂

Before i stepped into my room (office), there was already paper on the floor (someone slided it under the door).. sigh.. work.. that’s why my posts are late! Sowee!

Later, will go to the mall..walk + get some stuff.. I NEED to stop spending!

Ok.. Ta for now!


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