I assume whoever created the requirement to work night shifts never thought about the person who has to work night shift. An small allowance-shift allowance, does not compensate what that person loses when that person has to work shifts.

Can that allowance replace the family time lost?

Can it replace the health of the person, as a result of working late nights, and screwing up the body clock?

Can it stop the arguments between that person and his family/spouse as a result of not spending enough time?

Can it prevent that person from meeting an accident when that person is groggy-going home after work?

It can’t can it? The person who started it should have tried it themselves.

Why i’m mentioning this is that dear is working shifts.. So i won’t be able to meet him like usual! Even on the day i stop working, with a few days of holidays left, i still can’t meet him! And also, he’s always tired cos of the shift. So whoever who started shifts, you don’t know what it’s like!

On other matters…

Cos dear said he was coming over, i waited at home for him and had noodles for dinner, all by my lonely self.

Had the last packet of Cintan Nutri Noodles..


RM8 per pack of 4 servings if i’ve not mistaken. Not all major supermarkets have it, but i bought it from Jusco.

Last night, i made it with egg, and added some dark soy sauce. I find that this way, there’s more flavour in the soup cos the soup is quite bland on its own.. i think it’s cos they’re trying to make it healthier..


That’s what made the soup so dark. The egg really made it so much better. Sadly the noodles are bland too, but this instant noodles has a good nutrition profile, with only 241cals (minus the egg).

With a prune, and a couple of pumpkin seeds at night, that’s all for my Monday’s eats.

Last night, didn’t do much, just lazed around with dear.. Watched tv. Went to bed pretty early..

This morning, was planning to sleep in till 735am, but so sad… my body clock kinda woke me up at 530am. But i just went back to bed..

Dear’s breakfast-ing with gramps this morning. 😦 so sad i had to come to work.

Had my cappuccino bar for breakfast. Was too lazy to do anything elaborate.


This is my fav flavour out of the three. It’s not too bitter, but still has the coffee flavour. This bar gives me two components of my breakfast in one. Though i prefer taking a longer time for my breakfast, this is good when i need to be quick, coffee + energy in one.

Also had a naner so that this breakkie keeps me full till lunch-meeting dear!


Not too ripe, not too unripe, perfect!!

Ta for now, got work to do. It’s my friend Vincent’s bday, so happy birthday Vincent!


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