Ikea Lunch

I was/am given soooo much stupid work to do. I seriously do not understand the reason behind the work i’m doing, cos i think it’s kinda pointless to sort out the quantity your customers bought in YEAR 2008!

So i was doing that while finishing my trail mix..


I think i had too light a breakfast/less variety, causing my hunger.

Dear reached at 12.20pm, and i went down immediately without bothering that my lunch time is actually 1230pm. I don’t think they notice though. Hehe.. Anyway, i’m always earlier than my bosses when i come back from lunch, and i get down to work earlier.

Dear wanted to buy some stuff, especially tea to keep him awake for his night shift. Unlike me, i’m not very much affected by caffeine (but i’ve found out that i am when it’s espresso), but i can tell the difference when i do not have coffee (i feel something’s missing!)

It was either Ikea or Kenny Rogers for lunch.. I kinda felt like Kenny Rogers, but since dear mentioned Ikea first, so we went with that-it meant smoked salmon for me!

There wasn’t many people-i think due to the puasa month. So we got our food pretty fast compared to last time.

I ordered Gravax Lax-Smoked salmon, cured with dill, served with dill-mustard sauce. Yum! (RM 10.50 excl tax)


So good.. You get so much more smoked salmon than in a normal salad. But it’s quite light & not filling enough for me. And i was craving fries, which i normally wouldn’t order cos i could easily eat ALL and it’s not that healthy..


RM4.20-though slightly pricey, portion’s reasonable and these are quality fries, though i’m not sure if they’re hand-made cos dear says Old Town serves these fries too. But good thick fries! And not hollow.. I definitely had more fries than i should have.

Dear surprisingly got a salmon with butter sauce (RM 11 something)


Why surprising? It’s rare that he orders fish! Lol.. Most of the time it’s meat. Fish is when he’s abstaining from meat on Fridays! Anyway, the sauce was alright, though i’m not too fond of butter sauce. Dear liked it. The dish itself wasn’t hot enough, but i guess that’s what the microwave at the service station is for. Dear was too hungry, so he couldn’t be bothered. The potatoes were cooked this time! 🙂 The salmon was quite nice, and deboned properly unlike some places where you find loads of bones.

Also ordered a soft drink refill (RM1.50)


One thing good about Ikea is that the drinks are cheap. Many restaurants try to rip you off with drinks, Ikea’s prices are reasonable..

After lunch, we headed to Tesco and bought a few items.. Then it was time to go back.. Boo! Won’t be seeing dear the next few days.. I hate you, night shifts!

Okay.. Back to work for me, may go back home and run.. or replace it this Saturday. We’ll see! 🙂



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