Finally, rest day.. Woke up early though, my body clock is fixed already. 😦

Went to Old Town White Coffee-Aman Puri for breakfast. I brought a Kashi bar over though. Didn’t feel like eating anything there cos i feel their food is pricey considering what i would most prob order, i can make at home. I go there for the coffee! 🙂

Dear and I got a white coffee each (RM2.80-used to be RM2.50)


But we opted to ad our own sugar/sweetener.. I had to use 2 sweeteners though as opposed to one when i make at home. Maybe cos their coffee is richer. Sadly, i doubt their coffee is FRESHLY brewed, cos i see prepared coffee in jugs which they use for the iced ones. I hope not for the hot ones. 😦

Dear got a Western platter (RM7.90)


Seriously.. i think i can make this at home, but i think dear’s too lazy to wash up after the mess i make.. Lol.. But he’s satisfied with this. Personally, i think it’s on the high side, but since dear likes it, i get to nibble on his fries and bread sides! Had the bread sides with the SCS butter (one of the good points of the western platter here, good butter!)

Dear also ordered a garlic bread to share (RM3.50) knowing tht i love the sides. Thanks dear!


Dear had most of it, while i had the sides.. I love sides of bread-especially toasted. crispy.. 🙂

The bill came up to RM18.90-inclusive of service & govt tax.. now you know why i say it’s pricey..

Went to SC Neighbourhood to get some stuff. I intended to buy milk and fruits, but i find that it’s quite pricey. Surprised me cos normally stuff’s cheaper there.

Then we headed to HOI.. Surprisingly opened on Sundays! I got pumpkin seeds and 1kg of cashews! I love you, cashewnuts! Yay.. i’ve restocked for my trail mix!

Shell was next on out list of places to go.. Dear needed to get his car washed.. While ther, i noticed one of his biscuits (bought from SC Neighbourhood) had expired. So we had to go back to change.

Were supposed to go to The RSH warehouse sale at Subang.. But since it was the last day of the sale, and also that i was not too sure if i got the location right, we cancelled the plan..

Went home, watched tv while dear was online. finished Medium! But it left me hanging! How can they do that!! Can’t wait till the next season comes out.

Did some cooking! 🙂 Cooked Chicken wings in the oven with Kath’s BBQ sauce. Made some changes though cos i didn’t have enough ketchup. Added some extra Heinz Honey BBQ garlic sauce. And i wasn’t too sure how big the can for the tomato puree was, so i just used a small can.

Pan-fried some wedges this time, cos it couldn’t fit in the oven. Took forever! but worth it cos it was good.

Also just microwaved some mixed vege-out of vege!

Lunch was ready by 115 pm.. But while watching tv, i almost finished my trail mix! Had some pumpkin seeds which i toasted too!




I know it looks kinda scary.. Too much sauce, too little chicken! I should have followed the recipe and kept with thighs and drumsticks instead of little chicken wings. But i couldn’t stand seeing the wings in the fridge for ages! So had to use it up. Dear said it would’ve been better with thighs and if i had marinated it longer with salt & pepper.


Mixed vege-nothing to shout about. Tossed it with some Maggi Seasoning. It’s not an appropriate vege dish, but as i said, we ran out of vege. lol.


i think you can never go wrong with Simplot wedges. Yummy, and can be quite haalthy if baked in the oven-though i didn’t do it this time. Covered it with a “pot lid” while pan frying so that i could quicken the process. Was yummy. Hard to resist not having all to myself, but luckily dear liked it alot too, so he ate most of it. I had the smaller pieces!

Ended our meal with prune, though dear had other munchies.

Watched some tv before taking a nap. A two-hour nap! Got up only at 5.

Had a snack..


Carrots and SS butta. Told you they were replacing my fruit intake. I haven’t got the chance to buy fruit. Maybe tomorrow. I still haven’t figured out how to soften the SS butta. 1 minute in the microwave doesn’t seem enough. It’s still hard to spread. I kinda put out more of SS butta than needed cos i had lots of leftover, but all good. I ate it all!! 🙂

I really wanted to go to the Bandar Menjelara park to walk, but thought it would be to troublesome cos we would need to come back and fetch gramps. So we took Max out, then had our own walk! I love to walk and talk, and i miss it when me and Sam used to do that!

Then checked out my spinach!


Took this shot the night before though. I think it can be harvested soon. I’m gonna try to cut off the big ones, and see it it continues to grow. It’s Asian spinach, that’s why it looks weird-different than the regular ones i’m used too. I hope it can be eaten raw though cos i’ll be using them in salads 🙂

Decided to go to Shiang Hee for dinner! Kinda my fav place for Tai Chao (rice with dishes). Cheap and delish!

We were there at about 6.40 pm, and it was pretty packed. So we had to wait quite a while for our food. But one thing good about this place is that the orders are according to turns, so means that your food comes one after another, instead of one coming like half hour later than the last one.

Too bad, last night, they ran out of Granma’s fav Kam Heong Lala (Clams fried Kam Heong Style). I like it too cos of the appetising sauce.

We replaced that with “Fatt Put” (Yam basket filled with stir-fried chicken and vege topped with cashews o.0)-RM12 [more than lala which would have been RM10]

fatt putt

I like this for the yam! So does Granma. So as you would have guessed, there was quite alot of chicken left. And carrots. Would’ve eaten them, but they were not cooked quite enough.

We also ordered Salted Vege and tofu Soup (RM6-i think)


The soup had fish balls-strange.. Never drank one with fish balls in it-i’m not a fan of fishballs.. i feel that if you want fish, eat the real thing.. lol.. The soup was Way to sour. Granpa found the cause- a big sour plum.. it’s normal to find it in salted vege and tofu soups, but not a big one. And dear said it was quite spicy to the end-cos of the ginger. We had them add some hot water to reduce the sourness. Not my fav dish

However, this:


definitely is my fav! Brinjals.. Haha.. Fried with shrimp. Yummy.. The brinjals were perfectly cooked, though a bit too oily.. Note: next time, ask for less oil

We also ordered a huge fish- deep fried fei chau fish in sweet and sour sauce. RM15, more expensive than usual cos we asked for big. extra crispy-no charge! 🙂


Fish was nice and crispy. The flesh-juicy. but the head was too hard. I barely got any flesh or crispy bits from it. 😦

Also ordered tofu. Deep fried tofu, thai style. RM6


Tofu is good, appetising sauce. Tofu was crispy on the outside, soft and silky inside. Wasn’t oily though deep fried. Portion is definitely BIGGER than the RM8 plate at Hoppy.

Grandma nearly wanted to order more, lucky i “put my foot down” and said no cos it’ll end up being me and dear finishing everything (which we did at this dinner too) when I AM supposed to be on a diet. 6kg!

We were full, and went home happy and satisfied. Oh, and we met one of our neighbours there!

When we left, it was still packed!

Went home and ate a prune. 🙂

Didn’t watch any movie. Just random shows and Chef at Home at 10pm. Then dear went back :(..

Only got to bed around 1130 ish..

That’s all for Sunday! Hope everyone else had a happy Sunday!

Oh. And thanks for being so patient with this uber long post!


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