Monday blues

It’s blue cos i’m so sleepy. Always find it so difficult to wake up at 5.30am, especually when i sleep at 11.30pm. Lol.. I know.. My fault.

Had a PB biscuit and finished the very little of the leftover HoneyComb biscuits.

I was to sleepy to wake up and do chores, so i went back to bed and got up at 615am for my run.

Ran the usual, but feel much better than last week. Stopped less times. But i don’t know why i need to stop cos normally, i just run non-stop. Low blood pressure? Also did some light weights.

No dishes to wash-dear washed ’em. thanks dear!

Had the leftover kashi bar from yesterday morning-which meant more time to do other stuff!


On the wayof leaving my neighbourhood, i realised..i forgot my cell! Thank God i was nearby, so i U-Turned and went back for my phone! And that’s the reason i was late cos then, the jam had started and i was late for work, well not as late as my boss! 🙂

When i reached, the system was down, so i still had time to make me a milo!


No milk, one sachet of Equal.

Finally, my blog is updated. Sorry for being late. Will be going out for lunch today though i did pack something. 🙂




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