Healthy lunch!

I’m not saying that’s what i always have, but that’s what i had today!

Went to Tesco to buy some groceries. I seem to be buying Groceries ALL the time! One of my strange fav past times! Haha.

Tesco has improved incredibly-in the variety of products! And i am a more than satisfied customer. They’re increasing their overseas products-most prob to compete with Cold Storage. I think this is great as Tesco’s would be cheaper! Today, i even spotted Corn Thins and Weight Watchers biscuits/cookies. And i just love their house brand imported from UK! Really impresses me cos i’m a fool for any products which are imported from UK,Aus or US or Europe!

Anyway, i shy-ed away from temptation cos i really wanted to try the rice cakes with my soup today, but i didn’t buy cos i have lots of stuff at  home. Will buy when i finish my foods.

Got some naners, plums, and other stuff. Restocked on my milk-only one carton cos i couldn’t buy the fresh one.

Luckily i didn’t drop by  Borders Starbucks/Cold Storage like i wanted to, cos by the time i was done, it was 1.40pm.

Went back, and my hunger kinda built up. Didn’t have any morning snack cos i wasn’t hungry-listened to my hunger! and also was too busy.

I brought my last of the Kitchen Sink soup i made and froze.


I know it kinda looks gross, but the taste gets better with time.. I actually liked the soup today better than the last few times..

I was pretty full after that, though it wasn’t much and i did’t have any grains today.

An hour or so later, i had a naner!


The one with the arrow pointed at, to be specific! Trying to eat unripe bananas cos apparently, its better for you. For me, it’s less sweet, so in my mind, it’s better! 🙂

Am now going through my trail mix really slowly..


My “new” mix consists of pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds, koko crunch DUO cereal. Hehe.. What a mix!

Sigh.. My boss came back and gave me a load of work to do. 😦

Oh well.. KEeps me busy.. Ta! See ya for dinner!

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