Forgive me!!

I’m so sorry to be delayed with my posts. I’m trying to spend as much time with dear since i won’t be able to when he starts shifts.. 😦

Anyway, Sat’s dinner was at Happy City Food Court.Never thought Akak Jean & Carol would want to go there-it’s not the CLEANEST place in the world, being a food court, but decent enough.

We ate alot! I got my usual-mixed rice!


Beans were good.. I gave in to some nuts. I think you must be thinking i’m crazy to have brinjals for lunch & dinner. But i just love brinjals. Sadly, the brinjals this time weren’t up to mark, but at least it wasn’t sweet like Ming Tien.

Also got O’Chien (oyster Omellete) as usual!


Reenactment-i didn’t know i forgot! I kinda forgot to take a couple ‘o pics cos was busy eating and didn’t want to disturb Akak Jean &carol! Lol..

Grampa ordered ALOT of sushi! coming up to RM21.50!


This amount is after we took some.. For the price, it’s not worth it. The salmon was not up to standard. The jelly fish didn’t taste fresh. I think “cheap” sushi is only for those who are interested in the Crabstick, tuna, the basic ones. If you’re going for the salmon, soft shell crab, etc, you might as well stick to the “mall”, like Sushi Zanmai or Sakae Sushi. Pay a slightly more, or even equivalent, it’s so much better!

Akak Jean ordered 2 sets of popiah, same stall as the Sotong Kangkung..


It was quite nice actually. Instead of the regular brown sweet sauce, i think they used the rojak sauce, which is kind of a twists, and had lots of peanuts, like the rojak they ordered too!


I didn’t eat much cos it was too far from me. But i think it had lots of fruits and some keropok-which i didn’t have any..:( only the crumbs cos i got to it too late!

We also ordered the Sotong Kangkung.


Was yummy too! But ate little bit only..

Other things we ordered which i did not take a picture..

  • Two bowls of Salted Vede & Tofu Soup
  • Granma got a Curry Laksa (Granma finished all!! )
  • Akak Carol got a ribs rice (which was good and to soft to believe it was lean meat)
  • Akak Carol also ordered a spaghetti (she said it was good)

I ThInK that’s all we ordered! Lol..

We were too FULL for dessert! Wait, my family was actually full? Haha.. Akak Jack didn’t join us..

After resting our full tummies, we went back. 🙂

Ate one prune.. watched some tv-Air Crash Investigation got me hooked!

That’s all for Sat’s dinner! 🙂


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