Snacky afternoon

I’m feeling very snacky today! Maybe shouldn’t have bars for breakfast! Lol..

Managed to get my boss to let me off early, at 12, though i could tell she wasn’t so delighted doing so…BUT dear left his house only at 12.. and gramps were already at the section 17 Hong Seng Coffeeshop waiting for us.

By the time we got there, they finished but ordered for Dear too. I had my usual vegetarian mixed rice..

vegI think this is the least i’ve eaten at this shop. Brinjals were yummyliscious as usual, but were oily-ish. Potatoes were on the bland side today. Last time they were good, i actually went for seconds.. not today though..

Before leaving work, i had finished my trail mix..

tmThere goes my portion of nuts for the day. Maybe i should try to refrain from eating it so early in the day cos i miss it at night..

Wanted to go to HOIHouse of Ingredients after lunch, but it was raining heavily.. Also wanted to buy fruits.. oh well..

Came home, checked on my Starbucks ice-cream, it harderned! Thank God cos it means it ain’t soft serve!

Had me some, served Granpa and dear some too.

iceceI topped it with a couple o’ nuts.. Just a couple, i promise! 😉 They tasted EXACTLY like Starbucks coffee.. but were slightly too sweet.. Lucky i got this flavour, cos i can’t even imagine how sweet the caramel one would be.

Watched Medium for a bit cos Akak Jean is asking why i take so long.. Sorry! 🙂

Took a nap.. i just woke up actually. Dear’s still asleep. I felt really lack of fruit today, nearly wanted to open the can of whole cranberries, but didn’t cos i remembered CARROTS!

carrotsMicrowaved them for 25 seconds, wanted to get the Sunflower seed butter soft, and carrots tender.. Looks like 25 seconds aint enough. Note: warm carrots with pb, not so nice. Cold crunchy carrots=good.

The sunflower seed butter didn’t soften either, so i just dabbed like a clunk on the carrot, and while biting the carrot, still got the SS butter flavour. 🙂 Love it so much, when i went down to put the plates away, i took a bit of SS butter from the jar! 🙂

Dear just got up! hehe.. means in a while, we should be leaving for church. You wouldn’t guess where we’re heading for dinner. It’ll be a surprise, but it’s my fav!


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