Mind over matter

I realise that once i wake up, i get over the feeling of sleepiness after eating.. i am pretty awake, but it’s just my mind thinking about how nice it is to sleep some more, but my body is actually quite awake.

Today, i ate my leftover Kashi bar from last Sunday morning..

kasshiLove this flavour..though i’ve yet to try others, cos i’m not willing to spend my money.. May try to get Sam to buy it when she comes back in December!

Today, i took the effort to stay awake after the bar instead of going to sleep. Cleaned up my room abit-which has been on the to-do list for ages.

Ran while watching Medium.I think it’s okay to run, only that my treadmill is not direcltly in front of the TV, so i have to turn my head while i’m running. which kinda hurts after awhile.. Did some lunges too..

Watched House-> showered -> Breakfast!

Had bread and sunflower seed butter..


Yummy.. But i’m having a difficult time spreading it (as always) cos it’s from the fridge.. Any tips?? May try the microwave..

Also had me a coffee..


I ran out of milk!! I’m outta fruits too! gosh.. Need to buy ASAP! That’s why my coffee it’s kinda “blacker” than usual.. not as nice.. ūüė¶

Had only a slice of bread today.. cos i felt pre-workout snack was kinda heavy.. But i am planning a fruit before lunchies!

Also had a prune.. a big one!

Was super early (not super.,…but early) to work today cos i wore a different watch, not knowing¬†the time was 5 mins ahead..

I’ll have to work tomorrow. But next week’s my last week! YAY! But it means back to college on the¬†23rd-back to thinking about¬†assignments.¬†Now i get home,¬† i don’t have to think about anything.. When¬†Uni starts.. My mind will be filled with assignments..exams.¬†etc.. I hope i can keep up with this blog!

Ok.. More filing work. See ya at lunch!


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