Brown rice sushi

So sorry, the Internet was down today once i came back from lunch! And my boss only came back from lunch at 3pm. So you can imagine how BORED i was!

Anyway, i went to Ikano today with plans to also drop by Tesco to buy milk & fruits.. You should see how my plans backfired-temptations!

Went to Cold Storage to try their brown rice sushi (RM7.99)!

sushiIs it quite big for one person? I felt this was more substantial. Didn’t wanna get to hungry afterward. Came with soy sauce and all.. There was a small packet of wasabi, but i’m not too fond of it.. The sushi was nice. You can taste the nuttiness of the brown rice. It still is whitish in color, so at one moment, i doubted it was brown rice. But it tastes good, and knowing i’m eating a healthier rice makes me feel better eating sushi. The salmon sushi was nice, but of course, the quality of the salmon cannot challenge places like Sushi Zanmai/Sakae Sushi. But it’s good for a ‘supermaket sushi”.

One thing good about this sushi is that it held together well. It’s easily picked up and the rice didn’t fall off. Hard to find that..

By then, it was already 1pm, meaning that probs i wouldn’t have sufficient time to walked to Tesco. So i looked around in Cold Storage..

I went in, and bought stuff BUT fruit and milk!

I bought Kashi granola chewy trail mix, they were offering buy 1 free 1 though the expiry date’s in nov.

Also spotted Starbucks Ice Cream!!! I knew i had to get it. I didn’t know they sold it here! Bought the coffee flavour cos the other caramel Macchiato (which i prefer), the caramel spilled out or something.

icecreamWanted to try some, but it was soft! I hope it’s cos of my office freezer and the time i took to get home. I put it in the deep freeze.. If not, it means it’s soft serve, and i don’t like soft serve!

Spotted Waitrose sardines selling for RM4.99, so bought them since Grandma prefers the UK sardines brands (made in Morocco though).

Instead of fruits, i bought carrots! The fruits in Cold Storage were to pricey, rather buy it at SC Neighbourhood.

Went back to the office and ate peaches (from a cup). peaches

I totally forgot about it and just found it this morning.. and it expired yesterday..It’s quite nice, though nothing beats FRESH peaches-to bad they’re to expensive here..

Before work finished, i finished my trail mix..

tmI SERIOUSLY think it was out of boredem as opposed to hunger. I seriously had nothing to do, so much so i was reading Tueday’s newspapers-couldn’t find today’s. And when the Internet was back up, my colleague asked me to help with the Raya cards.. Sigh..

Came home, was contemplating whether to give in and eat outside food. But since gramps took an awful long time to decide, i just ate my Raspberry Decaf bar..


It was nice and really nutty. Quite filling-due to the nuts i supposed. The Ostrum milk is from my colleague who asked me to try and make milk shake with it, buy mixing it with the prebiotic drink..

I did not like it! It’s strange.. I think it’s cos of the Prebiotic flavour. Orange MILK shake is just way too off for me. I just had a sip and told myself, don’t waste cals on foods you don’t like.

Gave up on waiting for the ice-cream to freeze, will try it tomorrow.. So had me the last apple (RESTOCK FRUITS!)

appleHad another long talk on the phone again.. Sigh.. I think they should never have invented night shift.It’s just “inhumane” for humans to stay up all night, work till the wee hours of the morning. And also to work day shifts, then night shifts.. Who created such a thing must have not tested it on themselves before, so they do not know what it feels like, both for the worker, and the people around them. And why did the govt want to build KLIA so far away????

Okay.. I have to clear some stuff downstairs.. I hope everyone had a better Friday night than me..



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