Soup dinner

Came home from work.. thought Granma was going to suggest to go to Happy City Food Court again (i got the name right!).. But turns out, they went to the Section 14 Ramadhan Bazaar with Akak Jack to buy the infamous Mamak Popiah (Wrap stuffed with all kinds of stuff). Apparently, they waited 45 mins for it cos though there were only 4 people in front of them, they were packing like 20-80 popiahs! So i guess they must be good!

Grandma said it WAS good. No pic though. She ate 2. I didn’t want any cos i was planning on finishing my soup. It was a plan, and i shall not fail-like this afternoon!

Before dinner, had a couple ‘o nuts (i love nuts!)

Reheated the soup which i brought to work, and then brought back.. =.=

soupBroke one Weetameal inside.. Then i noticed it was softening immediately.. So i had my other Graham crackers on the side.. I just opened them (Akak Jean gave ’em awhile back)..

These crackers.. Caramel Graham Crackers.. BUT they were soft! They def. smelt great.. But it’s so sad.. They were soft.. I’m not sure why. It hasn’t expired.. Oh well..  Ate them anyway, but may not eat the rest. I don’t like soft biscuits. I don’t see the point of wasting cals on food i don’t like. Sorry Akak Jean! I really liked the smell though!

Topped the soup with some cashews for some crunch..

Also had an apple after finishing the soup..

appleThe top of the apple was kinda spoiled, so i cut it off. I’m outta apples, except for one more in the office. No more fruits, no Milk!! May go and buy on Saturday.. May not have these apples again though.. No crunch!

Before dinner, some of the spinach crackers Akak Jean bought from Bandung sneaked into my mouth without a snap!

Naughty me.. Also had 2 prunes.. I THINK that’s all.. Oh, and a Pu Er tea. Apparently, it’s a white tea, and i’ve been looking around for white teas.. But can’t find any. Anyone knows where i can get ’em?

I found out Grandma through my stash of papers to be recycled!! She gave it to the rubbish collector, who i am sure does not even know that’s for recycling! I was kinda upset about it cos i was trying to do my part for the environment.. And she just didn’t care.. 😦

Sigh.. But i’ve just put a sign on the paper bag indicating “If u care 4 the environment, Don’t throw away. TQ”. I hope i get my message out loud and clear. 😉

Anyway, i’m off to surf the net.. wait for dear to call, and maybe, just maybe watch Medium if i don’t feel like turning in early!

Ta! Good Night.. Hope everyone gets a good rest!


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