I’m turning into a japanese

Well, at least my cravings are…

I WAS supposed to go to 1Utama and come back to the office for lunch.. BUT i was walking past tokyo G, then i kept on wanting to go in cos i have the vouchers they gave…. So i did..

I used the Free Mocktail + Chawanmushi voucher.. They were distributing flyers containing vouchers.. So i thought i might as well use it though it’s only expiring in 9 Oct 2009.

Anyway.. so i ordered a Bling bling for Mocktail (RM8.90).. Pineapple, orange, and passion fruit..

bling bling

It looked better in the menu.. With passionfruit bits on top. I think the bottom layer is red syrup, cos when i sucked from the bottom, it was awfully sweet compared to the top. Very pineappley tasting.. Alright, but i assumed it was liquid, it came ice-blended..


This chawanmushi wasn’t GREAT.. It had a smooth top layer, but i found as i got the bottom, it kinda just fell apart.. I’m not a chawanmushi eater, i only get it if it’s offered, i won’t normally order it. I needed to add soy sauce, cos it wasn’t salty enough. It had mushroom, chicken, fish cake, and crab stick. (note my singular phrases..) Do people use chicken in chawan mushi???

I ordered the Garden roll (G Roll) RM 8.90. It’s the requirement in order to use this voucher.


This is one of the kind of food which looks bigger than in the menu! It was quite a big portion. The rolls here are generally much more expensive-though the bigger portion-than other places. This roll was stuffed with cucumber and VERY LITTLE carrot, topped with avacado-and i think the yellow one is mango(i tasted mango at least.. i hope i did not mistake it for avacado!). There 3 little fried things are mushrooms.. I just wish they were bigger! Drizzled with ponzu sauce. The mushrooms are good. The roll… quite tasty though it’s just cucumber.. Worth the money? Well.. I GUESS avacado is expensive..

My bill came up to RM10.28.. Assuming i didn’t get the mocktail, and chawanmushi free.. i wouldn’t eat on a daily basis.. Thank God i have started having at least two meals at home, or else i’d be broke!

Anyway, i wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for the voucher.. :p

Food: 8/10 * | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Price: 5.5/10 *

*Chawan mushi was slightly disappointing, but i gave high points cos i actually don’t really care for chawanmushi

*Only went there cos of the voucher.

Tokyo G, 1 Utama (Formerly known as Sushigroove)

Oh, and not to forget! They did give me a RM10 voucher, which is quite cool! Hehe. Awfully nice of them.


Before lunch, i ate quite abit cos i thought i was coming back for lunch… Anyway..


Had an apricot soft nougat.Was quite nice but was kinda melted already.. The almonds-me likey.. (I thought i ran out of almonds at home, but i found like a tub of them yesterday!! :D)

Also finished my trail mix.. 😦 I was pretty hungry at around 11.30am..


Notice something new in the trail mix??????


Haha.. Bought this for Grandpa.. Thought he would like the white choc.. Turns out, he prefers the original. I like it though. So you may start seeing koko crunch in my trail mix!

Okay. ta for now.. My packed lunch will be brought home for dinna!!



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