Happy City!

That’s the actual name of the food court near Carrefour Kepong. I was practically squinting my eyes to see the sign cos the sign is quite faded. Wanted to make sure i got the name right so that people don’t confuse between the TWO food courts in Kepong.

Yesterday, before accompanying gramps for dinner, i had mine at home. Decided i wanted Eggs today.. or rather AN egg.. 🙂


Fried ’em in my new mini egg pan! So cute.. But i had a bit of trouble scambling them (i just found my love for scrambled eggs which a runny!) cos i used to big a “spatula”.

Topped the egg with some soy sauce bought from Bintulu. Kinda sweet.. Darn.. I always forget to take pics of these stuff.

Also had a piece of Extra Healthy bread from Patisfrance


With sunflower seed butter. I may go overboard with the SS butter though, but it’s so good. Can’t wait to try the Almond, Cashew  butter Sam brought back from Aus for me! This bread is best eaten with a spread on top. Or else, it’ll taste TOO healthy!

Also had me an apple since i didn’t before work.


With a sprinkiling of cinnamon..

Couldn’t resist the nuts, so some went into my mouth, along with two prunes. With that, i followed gramps out to Happy City Food Court. The one near carrefour.

Gramps wanted to try the Claypot Fish Head Curry from one of the stalls  there. We’ve been seeing quite a number of people ordering it, so it must be of some standard!

Though it took awhile, I think it was worth the wait.. and i suppose the RM17 (+2plates of rice)

curryAs usual, i’m sure granma had confused the guy with her order by strange requests, so i think her request for more brinjals, turned out to be less cos there was very little.

I succeeded in not trying any-already had dinner.:)

But Gramps sure loved it! Granpa said it was the best he’s eaten. Granma thinks it was alright but still think the one in Subang SS15 and along Jalan Imbi is better.

I’ll be sure to try some if we’re going there on Sunday!

Look who i found there!


Aren’t you “aww”-ing my now?? So cute! I gave this kitten some of the leftover fish..


Called it from a distance and it heard me. I found it looking at a family, waiting for food.. It didn’t eat ALL of what i gave. I guess cos there was some curry..

Came home, i was craving for some dessert, so i had a few bites of the cheesecake again! 🙂

Was watching medium for barely a few minutes while walking on the treadmill.. then dear called. Oh well.. at least i tried!

After dear called, Pik San called! Talked for a bit.. Then dear called again.. Then bed was calling me!

I think it’s been awhile since i slept at 10 ish.


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