I feel so much better having enough sleep. I woke up actually feeling refreshed. Had a PB biscuit which i made (it’s not as stale as yesterday though!)

I was deciding if i should get up blogging, or go back to sleep.. once again, i chose the latter! Hehe.. I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately..

Woke up and ran.. Still felt lethargic, but not as bad. Still had to stop once or twice-What’s wrong with me??

Washed cups-packed lunch-shower

Breakfast was biscuits.. I thought i would switch it up. I think i’ve bored you with my cereal!

I had 7 Weetameals=120 cal.


These are yummy, and the portion-cal is worth it! Yumm.. But it’s quite a light biscuit compared to Jacob’s cream crackers..

Also had my coffee.. I coffee..


Ended the meal with a prune 🙂 no more grapes! 😦

Today, going to the mall again.. Hehe.. but coming back to the office for lunchies!


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