Sakae #3

I think you guys must think i’m crazy going to Sakae Sushi 3 times in 3 days! But one must make use of promotions available. So i DID!

Hehe.. and i also went to 1 utama to get a bit of walking and also top up my touch and go card..

Today, Sakae was quite packed. 1 Utama branch has less staff than the Curve. I immediately navigated myself to the special makimono section, and i was so delighted when i saw Ura Maki !! I’m so glad i decided to go to Sakae, cos i actually was contemplating whether to go or not. 🙂 But im glad i did. But maybe after today, it’ll be quite awhile till i go back again.. Maybe in the month of September to not miss out their scallop Black plate.

THIS time, though Kakiage was submitted last when i ordered from the computer, it was the first. It took awhile, and if the first took awhile to come, imagine how long i waited for the rest!


Today’s Kakiage looked extra yummy. Don’t know why. More teriyaki sauce? It WAS yummy.

But it’s so sad the rest of the dishes came out so far apart from each other. I practically ate my meal course-by-course, which i don’t like.. Cos i like to try all at once.. Greedy. Hehe.

I saw the “chef” making Hana Maki (a few) but i saw it go past me. all 3 plates.. I thought it was so strange. I saw them making alot of stuff.. But none were mine. Then i asked the manager, she was kind enough to ask them to hurry knowing that i’ve come here several times for lunch.

So next in line was my Hana Maki.


As you can see, i had already finished my Kakiage long before this came. It was yummy as usual. Tried to eat it as slow as possible by eating one salmon petal at a time. Dipped in soy sauce, it was so good!

My Ura Maki was the longest. I saw the “lady chef” who was making it. She was taking her own sweet time. She made others first before mine. I think she was trying to gather Ura Maki orders before making mine. I was pratically glaring at her. (Yes, i was annoyed ) Seriously.. i think today was worst service-not caused by waiters..but the chef..

But the kind manager lady helped me remind her again and asked her to prepare mine first and FINALLY got mine to the table. 🙂

ura maki

Though the long wait (i haven’t forgiven them though for that), it was real good. I think they’ve improved the salmon on the whole. The salmon is so smooth and velvety like the Hana Maki. Maybe i should order the sashimi again and see if they’ve improved on that.

Bill was RM15.75. They got my points right. Kudos to the manager-efficient. Wish i had gotten her name.

Food: 8.5/10 | Price: 6/10 | Service: 5/10* Manager: 7/10| Ambience: 7/10

* I was disappointed with the delivery speed of the food, but the waiter and manager lady was good.

Sakae Sushi 1 Utama

Then i headed to the Maybank directly downstairs to topup my Touch n Go toll card, and the machine won’t let me even insert my card. There was a green light, but the slot was kinda blocked. So i went to the machine which was on the same floor as Caring.

There was a touch and go panel, but in the main menu, there was no option. called dear and he said maybe that one was cranky. So i’ll have to go to Petronas to top up..

Went to Cold Storage to look around for any good deals. But may drop by again tomorrow (1 Utama) to see the Bargain Corner-Tommy Hilfiger deals!


Snack attack

Before leaving for lunch, i felt hungry by about 1130 am. I was trying to hold it of with water, even a prebiotic drink, but was still hungry. Means bread didn’t hold me well. Either that or i’ve been reading too many food blogs/thinking about food too much! Help! It’s becoming an addiction!

 So i ate my trail mix..


Times this by 3 cos i kept pouring out and eventually finished what i brought! 🙂

Alright.. Ta for now.. See ya at dinner.  

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