Uber light Bar dinner

I know having such a dinner is against all rules of eating healthy, but i ate a heavy lunch.. and i DID put on 6kg..

Anyway, before work, i finished off my Trail Mix!! 🙂

tmyummy.. left me wanting more.. luckily didn’t have any left. so i couldn’t HAVE more! 🙂 Just made ’em yesterday. Will have to find a replacement for the PB Choc corn pops cos that’s runnin’ low!

Came home.. insisted that i have dinner at home-but still follow gramps out; so that i can eat light and still spend time with them. 🙂

Though there was alot of pestering to eat in the house, at the shop, and in the car, i succeeded not eating anything outside!

Was contemplating whether i should open up the last packet of “Nutritious wholemeal instant noodles Cintan“. But i realised i did have quite alot to eat in the office already.. so i went for my apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

appleYum.. I find cinnamon really gives it a wonderful aroma, not much of a taste. But it’s actually healthy,so i don’t mind adding it.

Decided to have one of the bars which i bought from Cold Storage’s reduce to clear. Totally should have bought ’em todat. When i bought it last week, was RM3.99.. Today..RM1.99. But i swear i saw it was RM0.99, but the cashier said RM1.99.. Oh Well.. I find Cold Storage has these kinda pricing problems often. Had to claim my money back TWICE.

barI can’t find the website for this, but i’ll post it once i do. Original price is RM6.29. It’s quite nice. Has the espresson flavour, so if one is not too fond of bitterness, it is recommended to get the Raspberry decaf or cuppacino. It was seriously full of nuts though! Yum.. Also some rice crisp thing.. Quite nice and is quite filling-ish.. Worth 180 cals? I don’t know. Cos i think bars which are 100 cals above are not worth cos it’s gone way too fast! For those who can stop at just one, then go ahead! 🙂

Then accompanied gramps to Kepong Food Court where they didn’t really enjoyed the dinner this time-they tried new stuff.

Gramps ordered 15 sticks of satay(RM10) to share: Not burnt enough and sauce not good

Grandpa was still hungry, ordered a bowl of fish balls (RM5): Too tough fish balls, but not the worst.

And i managed to not even have a bite!

Came home, ate the rest of the grapes (i finished it! 😦 ) and had a bite of the cheesecake from O’Briens, which is going stale(the biscuit part surprisingly is the one going stale, not the cheese), so i had the cheese part..

also had my prune!

May wait up for dear to come back to talk to him. He fell asleep in the bus when he was supposed to call.. 😦 and i was waiting.. 😦

Anyway, ta for now. Gonna do some stuff (if i feel like it)


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