Sakae #2

So much for trying to have different sushis at Sakae (the Curve).. I had exactly the same thing as yesterday!

There was no Ura Maki (again!!!).. Boo!

So i guess i can only compare whether Curve’s Sakae is better than 1 Utama.


Hana Maki was as awesome as it is! I just seriously love the salmon. I think it’s supposed to be the same as the one used in the sashimi, but i just find this so much better!! I think it’s the way they cut it or something. But it must be eaten whole, or if you want the to eat a piece of the salmon on its own, it’s best to do so with some soy sauce.


Also had my fav soft shell crab crepe. I think this slightly beats 1 utama’s sakae. More flesh i feel. Apparently, there is inari in it too. I like this cos it has no rice in it.


Kakiage was alright. It is of a smaller portion (small difference) than 1 Utama’s Sakae, but it is taste-wise, better. Less carrot-ish like yesterday.

BUT.. two problems today..

1. Food took awfully long (though it all came together at the same time). Soft shell crab was on the conveyor belt, but mine still hadn’t come..

2. They didn’t debit my rebate immediately, and will have to do a report and all. I’m not sure if they would.. but they better. 😦 That was why i chose red plate today. Or elso i would have chosen the other types.. Boo!

Walked around, bought pasta and 3 energy bars (reduced to clear) from cold storage.

I find that i have such little time to walk. I wish i could walk at the 1utama central park, but scared that it’s too dangerous and lonely.

Came back, had one of these:


Alla Fonte Prebiotic drink Since it’s in my office, why not? 🙂

Anyway, Ta for now! Gonna do some blog reading!


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