Pan Mee-again?

Yeap.. as seen in the title, me and dear had pan mee again for dinner, but different from last saturday’s.

Went to church after work. My bosses didn’t come since they left after lunch.. So i was busy blog-reading and stuff 😉

Had the very last of trail mix:


This was how low i was on trail mix. Need to make more..

And also my uneaten apple! 🙂

appleBought it from Tesco, it’s New Zealand Gala apples. It’s not that crunchy, but its soft and sweet. I do prefer crunchier apples though!

Also tried the Rooibos tea i bought from Caring. Dear’s fav tea.


It’s quite nice, strong in flavour. Trumps normal boh tea-only drink it when it’s given.



Went to mass.. There was no jam! How delighted i was!! I totally forgot it was a public holiday for Selangor till dear told me.

Then headed to Bao Bao (Aman Suria) for dinner. I was okay with it cos normally i don’t actually eat the noodles, so it would still be different from last week. Was tempted to say yes when dear mentioned Wai Sek Kai SS2 glutton square, but i remembered that there’s pasar malam (night market) there on Mondays.. 😦

I ate the 3 in 1 vege (RM3) + egg (i think add RM0.50)


Nice as usual. But the soup is always steaming hot-im not sure if that’s a compliment or not. but i suppose better than cold! But there aren’t as much vege as last time (as in long time ago)-cost cutting i suppose.

Also had my all-time fav fish cake (RM3)


Crunchy and crispy. Though they increased the price of this since they first started, i’m still happy with the amount they give compared to Face to Face.

I also couldn’t resist having some of the chilli oil!

Dear had traditional pan mee (RM5.50)- no pic though!

Dear told me in the morning he would go back at 10 -ish tonight-meaning he should be coming over after dinner. I mentioned it and he forgot! Hee also actually can’t recall that he said it. 😦

So i went home alone.. Toasted my nuts (nuts as in cashews, almonds, peanuts) for trail mix.

Watched Medium. And was on the phone.. Sigh.. All these arguments.

Anyway, that’s all for Monday. Hope everyone else ended their Mondays better than i did!



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