Cereal-i miss you

It’s been a few days since i woke up at 5.30 am. Today wasn’t any easier. So i got up, ate my plaited biscuits (down to one more!) . Contemplated a while if i should get blogging or go to bed for half hour more, i chose the latter.

Woke up again at 6.15am, did the usual, but did some weights. I really got to up my workout to lose that 6 kg i gained. This 6 kg is excluding the CNY weight i gained too!

washed dishes-rested under the fan-showered-breakfast

Had cereal for breakkie! Miss it..not really-but gotta finish it before it gets too stale.


Took this pic before adding cashews. I realise cashews have so much flavour compared to almonds, especially in the cereal! I think almonds are more of richness.. But i still love ’em both!


WAS planning to eat this naner.. but after the coffee..


I was pretty full.. Had four grapes and a prune!

The naner, i consumed for my snack to tide me till lunch!


Green as it may be, it’s pretty ripe already. So much for planning to eat unripened naners..

Anyway, i’m heading to the Curve today, for lunch + walk! I think it’s guessable where my lunch would be! 🙂

Ta for now!

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