Sakae Card members’ Day

Today, i headed to 1 utama, to get a walk, buy some stuff from Caring (and use the voucher)..and today till 9th is SAKAE CARD MEMBERS’ DAY! 🙂 So you should guess which reason came first.

Got a couple of things done

  • petrol
  • tyre pressure
  • stuff from caring
  • walk
  • sakae

I’m satisfied!

Today (till 9/9/09), at Sakae, members will get 100% rebate on the red plates: rebate of course in terms of points..

So, it didn’t mean i would be spending less, i would pay now, but get the rebate next time.

I got a soft shell crab crepe-available this time..


It’s a crepe filled with soft shell crab and radish. My fav! But my other fav-ura maki wasn’t around! Salmon skin seems to be HARDLY even in season.. 😦

Also had Hana Maki-my new fav!


I don’t know why, but i think the salmon in this is so much better then the Salmon Sashimi.. It’s so smooth and velvety.. I love it! Now, i order this instead of salmon sahimi!

Wanted to get a black plate, but figured i’d do so on a non-sakae member’s day-to make full use of my priviliges 😉

I got a Kakiage to end my meal..


Had to wait for quite a while. I think cos there were many people to serve and cook for. But that meant mine would come out fresh and hot! However, i found today’s Kakiage to carrot-ish.. Slightly disappointed.. 😦

On the whole, i still find it yummy, and shall return.. 🙂

Food: 8.5/10 * | Service: 7.5/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Ambience: 7/10

*Was disappointed with kakiage, and no ura maki!

Sakae Sushi-1 Utama (next to Carl’s Jr. & Dave’s Deli)


Didn’t have any snack before lunch.. doubt it’s the egg tart cos i don’t think egg tarts are fibrous.. Could be the naner.. OR could be cos i was TOO busy putting STAMPS on envelopes!

Haha. Ta for now!


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