Late-ish dinner

We only managed to get to dinner at 7 ish.. (as in left the house)..

Before that, and after nap, we did some gardening. The spinach is flowering well thanks to dear! Did some weeding and loosening of the soil.

Went for dinner at about 7.. Went to Kepong Food court. Gramps were too full from their lunch at Jalan Kuchai Lama! So granma didn’t eat anything except of her coconut!

I ate my usual mix rice from the nasi lemak stall, no.22.


Gramps were laughing that i ordered such a big plate though i mentioned i gained 6 kg and was on a diet. Well, i didn’t have rice, and was sharing the ladies fingers with dear. And i love brinjals. I skipped peanuts!! Go me!

Also ordered an o’chien


which ended up to be me and dear sharing. But it was still GOOD!

Dear odered some sushi (RM 4.50) cos was afraid grandpa would order too much!


Dear ordered the egg sushi and tuna one. He said the tuna here is better than the Ming Tien  but the cucumber at Ming Tien is better.

Surprisingly, all granpa ordered was his salted vege and tofu soup..


which he surprisingly shared with dear! Dear said it was really good (which i think so) and worth every penny of RM3.50!

Dear wasn’t full though, so he ordered a siew loong bao (RM 4.50). I didn’t take a pic, neither did i have  any.. 🙂

Came home and ended my night with a prune and CSI NY! But was toggling betwenn AFC and AXN cos AFC was showing a new episode of Chef at Home. Darn it! When i wanna watch, it’s old episode. When i’m not watching, its new.. 😦

Anyway, we went to bed.. and another week has ended.. Ta!



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