Cereal-less breakfast

Woke up at 7.20 today.. I can’t believe my office, practically next to LDP, is considered KL, making me not to be on public holiday, and that i HAVE to go to work. Dear doesn’t!!!!

Sigh.. I didn’t run this morning since i figured my run on Sat was meant to replace today..

So i got to wake up later!

Skipped cereal today, cos had yesterday’s egg tart dear bought! 🙂

I was doubtful that it would still be good and that the pastry in is still crispy cos egg tarts don’t do well overnight, be it in the fridge or not.


But i was so wrong. Because the pastry was biscuit-like, it was still crunchy like a biscuit! And it was good eaten cold! yummy.. The best overnight egg tart! Will buy again! Thanks dear!

Also had my coffee


which i surprisingly lasted without since FRIDAY! Amazing. But i did feel not so awake when i went without it.

Also had a naner..


which is getting riper.. so i may place it in the fridge today..

I’ve made a commitment to go to the mall to walk during lunch, be it lunch is packed or not. Dear told me maybe i put on weight co all i’ve been doing the past two months is having my butt on the office chair. So, today, i’m going to the mall, with a few things to do/get at the same time!

Ta for now!

Am so glad i finished updating!

And i did end my meal with a prune! 🙂


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