Blood donation

Sunday…it’s so good to wake up at 9.30!! It’s been ages since i slept till late.. But i did wake up a few times the night before due to the noisy rain..

Had a light breakfast since me and dear were going to Happy Beans (can you tell how much i like that place) after blood donation..

I had a naner..


Been having naners lately cos i read less ripe ones are good for weight management/loss! Don’t know how true, but i kinda stopped eating it once cos i thought it had too much “cals”, but since it IS nutritious, i’d have some once in a while!

Also had my first Kashi bar ever!!


Half of it at least! Was quite nice.. Bought it cos it was Buy 1 free 1 at cold storage (i wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise!).. It’s crunchy.. and i prefer it to Nature valley bars cos Nature Valley ones can be too sweet..

Also had some grapes.. Dear had some cereal for breakfast-the least i’ve seen him eaten! Haha..

And to CDM(Church of Divine Mercy) we went.. where i found out i put on a horrid 6 kg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yet i did have a low blood pressure. Could only donate 300 ml. The lady asked me to eat more before donating. Eat?? Isn’t 6kg of weight a whole lot of eating.


Thought this would be enough.. Oh Well.. 3 months later, i’ll eat more before donating.. 🙂

6 kg??How did that happen, i kept asking myself.. Sigh.. Must stop eating rubbish!! And yet, after CDM, we went to Happy Beans. I don’t go to Subang often, so i go there when i’m nearby.. Before that, we dropped by RT Pastry house in SS15 which Karen, Goh’s  (Dunstan’s friend) girlfriend, said it’s really nice.

Dear said there was so many people in there wanting the freshly baked puddings.. It’s a Japanese bakery.. Dear bought 2 buns to tide his hunger, and me an egg tart! 🙂

We got our own cincaus at Happy Beans..

Mine was with large red bean, red bean and green bean-i do not like pearls..


It was yummy as usual.. And i think the beans made me quite full.

Ate part of the egg tart dear bought me!!



I had a bite of each. Was quite good.  But i’m not too fond of sausage unlike dear who once ate sausages daily!!

After that, dear could still down his cincau-


His was with pearl, barley and green bean. They make their own pearls here, cos when i ordered, they waiter said the pearls were still cooking!

Though this dessert is RM5 each, it’s worth every penny, but sadly, this is the ONLY branch in Malaysia.. 😦

Then, we rushed off to Cathay to watch Final Destination 4!!

Bought popcorn (that’s why i skipped lunch).. Yumm!!! I REALLY think Cathay  has the BEST popcorn!!

The show was good. But i found this slightly fake-ish or too computer-graphic-obvious.. I think it’s cos they needed to make it 3D possible. Was gruesome, not as gruesome as the part 3..

And after that, dear was hungry!! Lol. We went to Ikea.. I didn’t get anything, but dear got a chicken with lemon butter sauce.. i did snag some of his vege and a small piece of chicken!

And i had to try this!


The packaging kinda attracted me and gave me the idea it was made overseas. Turned out, it’s made in Malaysia, but i think under Denmark license/exported to Denmark. RM1.50-Ice Lemon Tea was alright. I prefer this to Lipton cos Lipton’s too sweet..

By the time we got home, it was about 4.30pm.. We took a nap (1 1/2 hours). i don’t know why i still felt sleepy! Lol..

Will update about dinner when i get the pics uploaded. TA!



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