Pictureless lunch, photographic dinner

I’m awfully sorry that there’s no pics for lunch. Me and dear had lunch with Raymond + others who had helped out with the grotto. We ate at Restoran Seng Kee near the church, next to the Da Ma Cai shop, facing the river.

Before that, i spotted Mat Tou Yau!!! So delighted and i insisted that we should buy, though i did see a fly flying around when we were placing our orders (dear had one too, which is in the fridge now).

We ate duck, chicken and siew yuk rice at the coffee shop. Also tried some homemade curry one of them brought along.. There was alot of beer going around, Tiger and stout, but i’m not fond of it and didn’t have any. Dear did! Lol.

The food was alright.. Not to say wonderful.. The sweet sauce which came with the duck had a layer of oil on it, but i still had some or else the duck would be too bland. The chicken was alright, not enough sauce though. Dear didn’t really fancy the Mui Choy (preserved vege). The tofu was fresh and nice though. I didn’t have any rice, but the rest did after a hard day’s work.

I didn’t do much at the grotto, cos they were focused on the pond area, which i don’t have any expertise on. I helped prune the trees and did some weeding though.. πŸ™‚ So i suppose i didn’t really need to refuel my carbs. πŸ™‚

I had my Mat Tou Yau there.. Yummy.. but i forgot to tell the guy to lessen the sugar, so it was too sweet.. But i think this is one thing i’ll miss if i do migrate or something in the future.

Came home and bathed Max while dear took a nap. Max is not smelly, but smells of the soap, which i don’t like! But at least he’s clean! πŸ™‚

Also did my running since dear will be around on Monday-so no running..

Ate some crisps before running, and some trail mix-which is running low!! ARGH!


Went to church, then met at Kee Kahiong in Uptown Damansara uptown, same row as +wondermilk, for dinner. It’s a place serving pan mee, specialty being the claypot dishes.. Dear was invited! Thanks Akaks!

We ordered ALOT… Well, not unusual.. but still..

dumplingI ordered dumpling soup cos i didn’t want to eat much. Was planning to share this with dear as he also ordered a claypot pan mee..

Which i realised i forgot to take pics of all the pan mee! OMG.. So sorry. But i can tell you what we got.. πŸ™‚ Akak Jean, Carol, Jack got each a pan mee. And an additional order of another one. We got i think about 3 claypot lou shu fun..

claypot lou shu fun

This was good. I ate quite a bit. Came with prawns.. so i ate a whole of ’em cos everyone was giving me! πŸ™‚

We also ordered two plates of fish cake.

fish cake

I THINK that’s all we ordered.. Lol.. Bill came up to RM75..i don’t know if it would be considered pricey, cos we clearly ate more than a normal 7-pax group would! And with that, we went for dessert!!!

We car-pooled and headed to Kepong to the Hong Kong dessert shop, to let Akaks try..

And alot more we ordered..Imagine eating dessert amounting to RM60!

I got a green bean tong sui (small)


Was good and thick.. More green bean this time.. Still too sweet though..

Dear got a waterchestnut with sweetened sago.. (cold)


This wasn’t sweet at all.. But dear liked it cos of that.. Lol..


Akak Carol and Akak Jean shared this bowl.. I’m not sure of the name, but i know it’s on the pic on the wall of the shop.. It has bananas, dried longan, “tadpole”, mango, and other stuff in shaved ice + coconut milk (i think). Was alright, but totally not worth the price-RM12 for such a small bowl. I seriously do not know what is so expensive in that bowl!


Furthest in the background: Akak Jack’s tofufa with red bean

Middle: Durian pancake(yuck-cos i hate durian)

Nearest: Gingko barley (Ah Kong’s)

Ah Po ordered her usual sweet potato which i couldn’t get a pic of cos she was too far! Lol..


It’s glutinous rice balls covered with peanuts ans filled with sesame paste. Coming from someone who doesn’t like mochi, this is actually one that i like. It’s soft and not chewy till it’s hard to chew off. Just chewy enough!


This is Mango ice, grandpa ordered. Granpa was feeling “lavish” and ordered anything and everything cos he wanted to spend us.. Felt bad though.. This mango ice is nice.. Very mango-ey and it’s not those Artificial tasting mango desserts. Akak Carol says Happy Beans server better ones, but i think here it’s better as its not as sweet as Happy Beans.

Akak Carol also ordered a tofufa with green beans, which she didn’t really like.. I thought it was alright. But was too full to finish hers!

After all these, the waitress came to tell us that we were RM0.80 away from RM60 which entitles us to get a freee DVD of our choice, original i must say..

Thus, we ordered a cheaper dessert, RM2.30.. Yam dessert..


It was thick and creamy.. Most of the yam must have been pureed already.. I prefer if it was less creamy, but more chunky yam to chew on.. Oh Well..

So that was the end of our very very full dinner.

Akak Carol was fascinated with Kepong cos she saw so many food places! Haha.. Ta for now.. Will come back for my Sunday Bfast post!



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