Just had lunch, but am still not full.. i guess cos it’s a small lunch??

apple & pb

Had SS Butter and apricot jam bread.. One of the slices of bread is the end piece of Gardenia’s wholemeal bread and the other is extra Healthy bread-Patisfrance. Seperated my breads when i ate so that it would last extra long! 🙂

Note: Pik San still hasn’t replied.:(

The apple, i’m saving for later..if i have time. I think i’ve to eat it before it gets over-overriped!

Am having a Milo right now. So hopefully, it will keep me full.. only 0.8g of fibre.. lol..


I still don’t know if there’s any plans for tonight.. We’ll see. If not, it’s alright too cos can spend time with gramps. Just feels that haven’t been spending much time due to work..



I did eat the papaya i brought from home


Stole this from Grandpa. Found it in the fridge.. Hope he didn’t really want him.. Technically, it’s not stole cos i asked him.. 🙂

Ta for now!




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